This Holy Year 2021 never ceases to surprise us with all the initiatives that it has been offering us during the last few months. In this month of November, a new initiative related to the The Road to Santiago is going to be launched under the name of Ecocamino, a new Jacobean project organized by the Madrid sports club EcoDeporte that also wants to be the protagonist in this special year, because they are going to run the French Camino de Santiago from Sarria in just over 24 hours. Let’s get to know a little more about these “ecoperegrinos” and their new project.

The EcoDeporte Club

Launched in 2014 under the name of CDE Trail Madrid, the EcoDeporte club specializes in the EcoDeporte club is specialized in the organization and practice of various sports in different modalities in different modalities, such as various forms of athletics, duathlon and triathlon, orienteering, Nordic walking and hiking. hiking.

The club is is not-for-profitand all the profit generated by its initiatives is dedicated to cover the expenses in its activities and to guarantee the maintenance of the club itself. The aim of the club is to connect different people with similar interests and hobbies.and its members are regulars in Trail, Ultrafondo, Raids and other competitions.

People walking over a river

As specialists in the planning, organization and implementation of sporting eventsSince its foundation, they are responsible for initiatives such as the “100 km Villa de Madrid”, -EcoTrail Madrid” in its 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions, as well as many others. In addition, they collaborate with other entities in projects such as “Madrid – Segovia along the Camino de Santiago 100 km” in the year 2010 and many more. In its web you will be able to discover everything they do and offer.

The Ecocamino 2021 project

The genesis of this initiative goes back to the year 2019, when Ecocamino was planned, prepared and designed to be held between the 12th and 13th of December 2020.. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to fight the virus forced the organization to postpone the project, which was finally will take place between 6 and 7 November 2021.

But what is this project about? Well then, Ecocamino offers, in this first edition, the opportunity to the participants to cover the distance between Sarria and to cover the distance between Sarria and Santiago de Compostela through the French Camino de Santiago that is to say, the last 100 kilometers of this historic route. It is a race and march that will be completed in one day and in two modalities: Sarria – Monte do Gozo (109.4 km) and Melide – Monte do Gozo (48.1 km)..


With very specific very specific rules that must be complied with, this initiative will offer trophies to the first five participants in each modality (there are two categories, male and female) (there are two categories, male and female) who complete this “Jacobean marathon” in less than 27 hours from Sarria or less than 27 hours from Sarria, or 24 hours from Melide.. However, all participants who finish the course within the established time will also receive a medal in recognition of their participation. in recognition of their participation.

However, the organization clarifies that it is not a competitive raceAlthough the participants will be provided with bibs and other obligatory material, there will be checkpoints and pre-established refreshment points. Of course, there will be medical services to attend possible incidents.

Man running in the Camino

Environmental and social responsibility

The “eco” prefix of the event is not free of article 17 of the event rules states that “the race will be governed by the utmost respect and conservation of the environment”, and throwing any rubbish on the ground will be cause for disqualification.. This is it, of course, a very good measure to raise awareness about the conservation of the environment and the Camino de Santiago itself and we commend that social and environmental responsibility is included in the project concept. In addition, the firm Water from here will be the official partner of the eventa company that offers water of superior quality and packaged in a sustainable format, made from recyclable plant-based material and free of plastic.

“In Ecocamino we all have a place, the walkers, the popular, the experienced and the elite”.

Participants have been able to register between Tuesday 2 March and 31 October 2021, with a maximum of 600 ecopilgrims. maximum of 600 ecopilgrims. As stated in their web, is a “popular” test (…), but it will also be a prestigious international event which will be part of the international calendar of the RFEA, of the IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners), of SUL (Spain Ultrarunning League) and finally of ITRA, where the evaluation of its distances has been requested and we are waiting for the corresponding points that can be obtained from the RFEA, the IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners), the SUL (Spain Ultrarunning League) and finally the ITRA. allow the finishers participation in such prestigious events as the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc”.

Of course, as the pilgrims that they are, will carry their credentials and will be able to get their compostela.. If you would also like to be pilgrim on the Camino de SantiagoYou don’t have to do it in as little time as they do, you have to enjoy it to the fullest, and for that we make it very easy for you we make it very easy for you with the thelast 100 kilometers of the French Way.

The eco-route and the routes of Mont Blanc

This Sunday 7th November we have an appointment with Ecocamino, this new jacobean project, y we we will be waiting for you at the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela at 12:00 noon to receive them as they deserve, because they have also counted on us to provide them with tourist information. If you can’t make it, you can always follow them on their account at Instagram.

Good Camino, ecopilgrims!