Below you can see the map that crosses the Portuguese Way along its Spiritual variant. A small detour from 81 Kms that joins Pontevedra with Padrón in which you will follow the route described in the Traslatio, the path that crossed the lifeless body of the Apostle on his arrival in Galicia, along with his two disciples together with his two disciples Theodore and Athanasius.

How can I interpret this map of the Portuguese Way, spiritual variant?

In the map you will see a breakdown of the 3 stages of the spiritual variant of the Portuguese Way. Departing from Pontevedra, you will enter the region of Salnés along the Ría de Arousa up to its source. You will visit 1 Autonomous Community and 2 Provinces: Galicia with the provinces of Pontevedra and A Coruña.

You should bear in mind that approximately 70% of the Galician population lives around the Atlantic axis that connects A Coruña and Vigo, mainly on the coast. This route is inscribed precisely in the center of this axis, between the capital of Pontevedra and the capital of the Community, and also in an area of great economic activity linked to the sea and tourism among others. That’s why you’ll have no problem finding towns and villages with services that make that on the map the Portuguese Way and all its variants are of the itineraries more endowed with infrastructure.