Ferreiros • Ancient place of supply for pilgrims

Records made in several ancient Jacobin manuscripts affirm the importance of Ferreiros on the Way to Santiago. This place is counted as an enclave of blacksmiths and the home of a factory of armor and equipment for pilgrims. People from all over came to Ferreiros to nail their shoes or get new ones.

This small town of approximately 100 inhabitants, is located 9 km from Portomarín and belongs to the municipality of Paradela, in the region of Sarria. Many start their pilgrimages in this area, since its approximately 100 km that take it away from Santiago de Compostela is the minimum required to see the miracles of the route.

Here you’ll find nice public hostels and a church worth a visit. Then we’ll give you a taste of the charms of Ferreiros so that you can continue enjoying your journey along the Way to Santiago.


What to see and do in Ferreiros?

The old records from the Middle Ages tell us that in Ferreiros there were important armor factories, footwear was nailed and horses were herraban. There is also a hospital for the pilgrims of the knights of the Order of Saint John.

Currently, in this place you can admire the parish church of Santa Maria, a simple but really beautiful temple, which is considered an exemplary representation of Romanesque style, which highlights its cover. It was built in the 12th century and moves stone by stone, from Ferreiros to Mirallos, its current location.

The church is surrounded by the cemetery and in front of its front, in order to decorate the place, you can see the baptismal font of medieval times.

A good date to pass through Ferreiros is the last Sunday in August, when the village celebrates the feast of Saint Lucia.



Where to eat?

In Ferreiros you will be able to enjoy its famous hospitality. Here the pilgrims are well taken care of, therefore it is a good place to replenish forces and to taste excellent dishes. Here are some recommendations.

Mesón restaurant Casa Cruceiro

This is one of the most recommended places to eat and have a good time. It is located in a traditional stone house, comfortable and beautiful. Next to the restaurant you will find a hostel. Here you work serving different types of dishes continuously from 11:00 to 21:30. They also offer WiFi.

Restaurant O Mirallos

Many of its visitors say that this place is an excellent option to taste the best dishes in the area. Traditional food is prepared with products from the Galician lands. Its specialities include roast lamb, cheesecake and octopus croquettes.

A Veiga

Here you can taste delicious dishes on the grill and traditional cuisine of the area. It is highly valued by visitors who recommend it for its good service and food.



Where can I sleep?

Among the many places to enjoy a good rest that you can get in Ferreira and its surroundings, here we recommend some of the most popular.

Hostel Ferreiros

It has a total of 22 beds distributed in bunk beds. Here you can have a bathroom, kitchen, bar, restaurant, first-aid kit, shopkeeper, telephone and in winter there is heating.

Casa Cruceiro

Next to the famous restaurant, this hostel is located in a beautiful modern house with large windows that will let you enjoy a beautiful view. It has a total of 12 beds with bathrooms, hot water, dining room, first aid kit, laundry, shopkeeper and heating in winter.

Hostel O Mirallos-Manuel

Located next to the Romanesque Church of Ferreiros, this hostel has its own restaurant with home-cooked food at a good price. Accommodation at this site is free and anyone who wishes can leave a donation. It provides pilgrims with basic services in its 20 squares distributed in Camas.



How to get to Ferreiros?

The distance from Ferreiros to Santiago de Compostela is 102 km and you can reach this site by car by taking the detour on the LU-633 road, which links Sarria with Portomarín, to reach the LU-P-4203, which starts from Paradela.

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