Santiago de Compostela
, the small Galician capital, is a tourist destination that few competitors can match in terms of variety, life and tourist quality. From its cultural and natural resources to its rich gastronomy and ancestral traditions, Santiago has become one of the most valued tourist destinations by its visitors. Not in vain, Galicia is the fourth autonomous community with the highest number of Q’s for tourist quality. More specifically, Santiago has twenty establishments awarded with this recognition. To this we must add, one hundred and fifty-nine with the distinctive Commitment to Quality Tourism. And this is the summary of the success of this destination, the high quality with an increasingly varied offer to satisfy any type of tourist.

Historical Quality

As its main cultural resource, without a doubt, Santiago offers its monumental Romanesque cathedral (with later Baroque reforms) visited every year by thousands of pilgrims who travel all the variants of its spectacular route. The old town offers a multitude of historic buildings surrounded by streets that take us back in history to past times. All this in a space easy to walk, at pleasant distances that allow us to walk through its historic streets and delighting us with every detail.