During your adventure on the Camino de Santiago you will meet many pilgrim friends, lush nature, rich historical heritage and lots of local culture. In many villages and towns along the different routes you will find a lot of rural architecture, and in this article we are going to talk about an example of it, the hórreos, a typical construction of some of the regions through which the Camino de Santiago passes, especially in Galicia.

What is a hórreo?

The hórreos are constructions in stone and/or wood (although sometimes even cement and brick), generally square or rectangular in shape, elevated or separated from the ground and with ventilation in their walls, which serve as granaries or storehouses for foodstuffs in general. Closely linked to agricultural activity, they are generally the protagonists in rural environments.

Many pilgrims, seeing these constructions for the first time, ask our guides, “What are those little houses?”

Horreos in Lugo