It is one of the smallest municipalities in the province of Zaragoza. Also, one of the least populated with only 76 inhabitants. It stands out for its astonishing natural landscapes and its unequalled architectural heritage. Yes, it is Undués de Lerda, belonging to the region of the Cinco Villas, a place of untamed beauty, ideal for a perfect weekend getaway.

Undués de Lerda is a town in the autonomous community of Aragon that has been characterized by the beautiful forests that border the Molinar and Noguera streams. In addition, for preserving an ice well that, dating from the fourteenth century and used until almost the end of the nineteenth century, has become the main attraction of the area.

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Here we will tell you what to do, what to see and what places to visit if you dare to set foot in this region, whose highest point, some 853 metres, is located on the border with Navarre in one of the most remote areas and the routes of the Camino de Santiago and is essential for mountaineers. Are you ready for the adventure?

What to see and do in Undués de Lerda?