It is one of the smallest municipalities in the province of Zaragoza. Also, one of the least populated with only 76 inhabitants. It stands out for its astonishing natural landscapes and its unequalled architectural heritage. Yes, it is Undués de Lerda, belonging to the region of the Cinco Villas, a place of untamed beauty, ideal for a perfect weekend getaway.

Undués de Lerda is a town in the autonomous community of Aragon that has been characterized by the beautiful forests that border the Molinar and Noguera streams. In addition, for preserving an ice well that, dating from the fourteenth century and used until almost the end of the nineteenth century, has become the main attraction of the area.

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Here we will tell you what to do, what to see and what places to visit if you dare to set foot in this region, whose highest point, some 853 metres, is located on the border with Navarre in one of the most remote areas and the routes of the Camino de Santiago and is essential for mountaineers. Are you ready for the adventure?

What to see and do in Undués de Lerda?

Street of Undués de Lerda
Being such a small town, it won’t be difficult to travel around it in a short time and get to know every corner. The excursion through Undués de Lerda will take you to the Church of San Martín de Tours, one of the few monuments in the area but of impressive majesty. Built in the 16th century, this large temple has become a local landmark and an essential place to visit. Take advantage of the moment to take a short walk through the central area. It is a place that still preserves medieval vestiges, whose buildings in the best Gothic style are a must for tourists. Here you will find landmark buildings such as the old chaplaincy and town hall.

You can also go to the Flour Mill. It is a recovered space where you can arrive and take some pictures. The Hermitage of Santa Eufemia is another point of interest in Undués de Lerda. Continue the journey until you reach the Salinas Romanticas, which are small wells with a depth of 20 centimetres filled with salt water from a nearby spring. And you can’t forget to include the ice well, known as El Nevero, in your list of places to visit. Basically, it is a small mound made with masonry techniques used by the population until the end of the 19th century.

Where to eat Undués de Lerda?

We present you a list of restaurants to eat near Undués de Lerda. Take advantage of the weather and your visit to this small town in Zaragoza to eat the best dishes of the area. Here is our selection:

Still life Sarria

It is the perfect place to enjoy a good meal and recharge your batteries after a long and fun walk. Good service, excellent atmosphere, incredible prices, varied and exquisite menu, and abundant portions. It is located in Estefana Street in the city of Pamplona, just 47 kilometres from Undués de Lerda.

Gure Etxea

47 kilometres from Undués, specifically in the neighbouring city of Pamplona, is located one of the best restaurants in Aragón. This bar-restaurant offers an extensive menu, good sandwiches and special tasting on weekends. It stands out for its excellent service and its familiar and comfortable atmosphere.

Romanzado Restaurant

Its rural setting is captivating, but its homemade food is truly captivating. You will enjoy a good menu in the middle of a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, with quality service and unparalleled attention. The food is prepared with fresh local products. Enjoy perfectly prepared vegetables, meat and fish in this restaurant located in the town of Domeño, just over 15 kilometres from Undués.

Where to sleep in Undués de Lerda?

Parador of Sos del Rey Católico
If you still don’t know where to stay in Undués de Lerda, here we offer you the best hotels and places to stay for quiet and safe nights.

Parador of Sos del Rey Católico

It is a place with a lot of charm that you can enjoy during your visit to Aragon. In it, you can have a magnificent view of the area and enjoy the best services. It offers WiFi, parking, heating, air conditioning and 24-hour reception. It is located 8.4 kilometres from Undués de Landes.

Hotel Señorío de Monjardín

The best thing about the Hotel Señorío de Monjardín is the natural environment in which it is located. It is undoubtedly a perfect place to disconnect and rest peacefully. It has basic services such as parking, free internet access, restaurants and comfortable rooms. It is located 9 kilometres from Undués, near the Sierra de Leyre, in Navarre.

Hotel Rural Xabier

Just 4.2 kilometres from Undués de Lerda you will find this hotel, which has been positively rated by satisfied guests, who have recognised the good service and friendly treatment. It has free internet access, parking, heating, elevator and comfortable rooms. This hotel is the starting point for several excursions in the area.

How to get to Undués de Lerda?

Travelling by road from Zaragoza is easy. You only have to take the A-6 motorway, drive the first 22 kilometres before taking exit 21. From then on, take the A-126 road to the town of Tauste. Continue along the A-127 until you reach the A-1601. Once you have passed Sos you will have to take the CV-684 detour to the village of Undués.

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