There are many ways to do the Camino de Santiago: alone, in an organized group, with friends, with family… What could be a better trip than the Camino de Santiago for couples? The truth is, although you have probably thought of a lot of tourist destinations much more relaxed to do with your lover, the Camino de Santiago has a “Je ne sais quoi” that makes it tremendously special.

It may not be a movie trip, but we assure you that it has all the necessary ingredients to strengthen your relationship and make it even more special. In the following lines we tell you about the advantages of doing the Way as a couple, take note lovebirds!


There are as many types of couples as there are people, but the truth is that in the end, when we talk about relationships, there are certain things that they all share. If yours is a long relationship, already consolidated, doing the path will provide you with a way out of the routine and monotony. Moreover, this great adventure will present you with a common challenge and will allow you to spend time together away from everyday life. Many couples live with so many things to do on a daily basis, that they hardly have time to talk about their things. If this happens to you, you know: on the way you will have hours and hours of path to talk!
If, on the other hand, your relationship is still in its infancy, walking the path as a couple will help you get to know each other better and develop closer ties, and we hope you like what you find!
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Reasons to make the journey as a couple

Here’s a list of reasons why making the journey with your partner is a good idea:

A unique experience

Obviously, any trip as a couple is kept in our memories in a special way. The Camino de Santiago is one of those indescribable experiences that remain engraved in our minds. Let the environment and the magic of the Way flow between you creating one of the best experiences together.

Gaining mutual respect

The Way forces you out of your comfort zone and leads you to experiences that are not commonplace in everyday life. Each stage is a test, and at the end of the journey you will have the results. Many times, you will experience borderline situations, whether they be tiredness, suffering, etc. You’ll probably get angry and pay for certain things with your partner. Finally, this will teach you to respect and seek peace and quiet from each other. We assure you that overcoming this type of test will guarantee you a stronger and more solid relationship in the face of future problems.

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Getting to know each other better: for better or for worse

You will spend many hours together, you will share all kinds of situations and you will not always meet more pilgrims, so there will be only the two of you. This is an advantage because many times in our daily life we do not have enough time to talk to our partner. Thanks to the journey you will be able to recover that time and get to know much more about your partner, learning to listen to each other.

Get to know more people

On the Camino you will not be the only pilgrims and you will most likely share moments with some of them. This trip helps us to share experiences together with new people. This will make both individuals and couples more tolerant and make friends with whom we ensure you will continue to be in contact after the journey is over.

Creating an almost unbreakable bond

There is a saying about the Camino de Santiago: “To know if a person is the love of your life you must do the Jacobean route together at least once in your life”. After our experience we can say that he is very right. During the whole journey you will show yourselves as you are, the virtues and defects will come to light.

Think that if you have passed all the tests that the road puts you through, you will have learned to solve any problem of the day to day. By sharing, you will create a much stronger bond and the rapport and affinity will increase every moment. Your relationship will be stronger than ever. You can also go with your dog!

 “Traveling, sleeping, falling in love are three invitations to the same thing. Three ways to go to places we don’t always understand”
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