It should be noted that the life experience that the Camino de Santiago provides is priceless. However, no matter how beautiful the landscapes and the new experiences that we live in it, it is clear that we can not censure the desire to know how much it can cost to do the Camino. We all have to pay bills and the economic aspect is always fundamental when choosing between one destination or another.

However, the enormous luck that we pilgrims have is that doing the Camino is very cheap compared to other types of holidays such as visiting foreign cities or going to the beach in Spain. Therefore, as you will see below, this tour is, in economic terms, one of the most competitive options that exist in the tourist market today. Surely you are interested: Which Camino de Santiago to choose?

Camino de Santiago: Basic budget, what to take into account?

When calculating how much it is going to cost to make the journey there are many factors to take into account, however, we could say that there are three main ones:

The number of days: as in all types of holidays, the number of days is essential to know how much we are going to spend. The more days we want to spend the more the trip will cost us.
The quality of the food: this is perhaps the least known aspect, but it is one of the most important. A good diet is essential to endure well the route. It’s not good for you to pull snacks every day.

A sign of the Camino de Santiago in the floor
The type of establishment you want to stay in: obviously, a hostel or hostel will always be cheaper than a hotel. However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of the hotels as well as a good rest are usually more expensive.

Now we will analyze how much it  can cost and we will explain what is best for you depending on your budget.