El Soplao Cave is located in the Sierra de Arnero and the valley of the river Nansa, between the municipalities of Herrerías, Valdáliga and Rionansa. It was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century when mining began in search of lead and zinc.

The cave has become a real paradise and a geological wonder of 20 km. long. Its name is related to mining slang and means a breath of air.

This archaeological heritage is made up of upholstered surfaces of aragonites, stalagmites and stalactites that together form fantastic games of shadows and colours that make this cave so spectacular and unique. El Soplao Cave cave so spectacular and unique. Likewise, there are eccentric or helictites which grow horizontally or obliquely.

Visiting El Soplao Cave

To make it easier for visitors to enter, a mining train was built that runs for 400 meters. to leave the tourists at the main entrance of the cave and then walk 1500m. The cave can be entered through a comfortable walkway for children or people in wheelchairs. For about an hour you can contemplate the wonderful shapes of the cave.

The guided tour includes an explanation of the formations of the cave, how the calcifications of the ground have been made in a natural way and its importance for the geological research of the area.

Children are the type of public who have the most fun using their creativity to recognize curiosities within these formations.

This type of visit is ideal for all ages, however, it is recommended to wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes and closed shoes since the temperature is 10 ° C and some humidity inside.

Soplao Cave

Adventure tourism in this cave

For the more adventurous there is a plan to visit the place on the original ground. It is necessary to be equipped with boots and helmet which will be given to you at the ticket office in case you don’t have your own. The entrance is done in the same way, through the mining train that takes tourists to the false floor, then you enter naturally to the place where you can see many more galleries that are limited to people who go through the walkway. The natural tour has an approximate duration of 2 hours and a half, of course the way will be guided by expert and knowledgeable staff of the whole area.

The terrain is not too difficult, it can be easily traversed by holding on to ropes in some areas, you will have to crouch in some others but it can definitely be adapted to any type of person and you will find some wet and muddy areas.

Undoubtedly, the greatest adventure you can have there.

Stalagmites of the Soplao Cave