Switch off. It seems to be the desire of the hundreds of thousands of tourists who every year make routes in the Ruidera Lagoons National Park, in order to escape from the stressful city life and the exhausting daily routine. There you will have the opportunity to do incredible routes, hiking and other leisure activities in the 4,000 hectares of land full of pure splendor.

The Lagunas de la Ruidera are a true natural paradise located between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Albacete. It stands out for its 16 waterfalls and its crystal clear lagoons. But also for being the habitat of some species of animals such as foxes, birds and otters that make it a perfect place to explore during holidays or weekends.

If you want to know and enjoy a unique and charming place, prepare your luggage and discover this oasis considered one of the most splendid natural pools in Spain. Are you coming with us?

What to do in Ruidera Lagoons?

There are many activities you can do in the Ruidera Lagoons. But hiking, biking and walking routes are the ones that will attract your attention the most. Some of the best routes in the area are:

Peñarroya Castle Route

It comprises a 21-kilometer trail on flat terrain that is ideal for cyclists. The adventure starts in the cemetery of Ruidera and crosses lakes such as Coladilla, Cueva Morenilla and Cenagosa. The journey culminates when you finally reach the Castle of Peñarroya.
Castle of Peñaroya Route through the Ruideira Lagoons

White Lagoon Route

It is the preferred route for tourists. It is about 8 kilometers on foot or by bike. Ideal to do it with children or in the company of the whole family. Get to know the spectacular Laguna Blanca and Laguna Conceja.

Literary route

It will take you to the Montesinos Cave and Rocafrida Castle. Both have served as inspiration for some poets. After 2 kilometers, you will end up at the Ermita de San Pedro.

Hazadillas Route

The tour starts at the old Santa Ana Power Plant and continues to La Hazadilla on a 5 kilometer trail. Along the way you will see lakes such as La Colgada and Batana.

Lagoons of Colgata and Batana, Ruideira Lagoons set.

Route of the Cross of the Nuns

The journey starts at the Ermita de San Pedro. After almost 7 kilometres of walking, you will find a wooden cross which they have called the Cruz de las Monjas (Nuns’ Cross). The road is full of surprises, among them the lagoon Tijana and Noguera de San Pedro.

Other activities

Kayaking in the Ruideira Lagoons
Not only hiking is an option in Ruidera Lagoons. You will have the opportunity to practice your diving skills. Take the opportunity to discover the caves that connect the 16 lagoons of this natural park.
But you can also do some kayaking and snorkeling during the summer and make your time in the region a truly unique experience.

Where to eat?

In the Ruidera Lagoons you can also eat delicious food, especially after a nice walk through the Natural Park. And here is our best selection of restaurants:

La Vega

Homemade food, menu of the day and good seasoning. This is what has characterized La Vega in recent months. It is a restaurant located in Camino de San Pedro 7, also valued for its good service and luxurious atmosphere. You will love the migas, salmorejo and churrasco. If the above has caught your attention, wait till you see the prices which are really attractive.

Mesón de Juan

In Castilla de la Mancha Avenue, 45, is located one of the most important restaurants in the area. It is one of the most welcoming and reputable establishments. It stands out for its good price, excellent food, abundant portions and incredible price.

Guadiana Restaurant

It is located at 65, Castilla de la Mancha Avenue. Many diners rave about the partridge salad, the fried sweetbreads with garlic and the scrambled eggs with mushrooms and prawns. The staff is very friendly, the service is very good and the atmosphere is very pleasant.