Christmas is coming Christmas and the search for gifts for your loved ones, a task that often is not easy.. We like to make everything very easy for you, like the Camino de Santiagoand we have come up with a very nice gift that is also very pilgrim: a special edition of a special edition of a 30 € coin of the Camino de Santiagoa present that can be a very good gift idea for a beloved pilgrim..

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The currency of Xacobeo 2021-2022

As you can see on the website of the Royal Spanish Mint, it is a commemorative coin for the a commemorative coin of the double Holy Year 2021-2022 made in sterling silver.The value of the ticket is 30 €. As every year, lovers of numismatics have an appointment with the edition of special coins like this one, which in this case is dedicated to the Jubilee year. Since 1993, every Holy Year the Royal Mint celebrates the Jacobean with a special coin, as was confirmed on July 4, 2021, and was already was issued last November 22nd.

St. James the Greater, Apostle

With a maximum print run of 1,000,000 copies, they are pieces of 925 silverThe pieces are made of 925 thousandths of silver and the rest of copper, or what is the same, sterling silver. With a round shape and a diameter of 33 millimetres, it weighs 18 grams and its face value will be 30 €..

On the obverse, as usual, are shown the superimposed effigies of Their Majesties. King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. As for the reverse side, the part that interests us, it shows a colourful allegory of the Camino de Santiago where, in a a landscape with the façade of the Cathedral of Santiago in the in the background, a pilgrim a pilgrim next to a milestone. On the side there is a bead, and underneath it a fourfold latent image composed of a scallop shell, the holy years 21-22, the crowned “M” of the Royal Mint and an arrow. As we see, a very strange coin.

To consider

This coin is a piece dedicated to collectors and numismatic lovers. Its value is commemorative, a tribute to all the routes of the Way of Santiago, y it is not a coin you can pay withalthough you can you can exchange it at the Bank of Spain at any time.. However, as many people do, it can be a form of investment, as it can be revalued over time..

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I love her!

If you want to get it, maybe as a gift to give as a gift or for yourselfyou have three ways. You can go to one of branch of the Bank of Spainto one of the collaborating banking institutions or to a post office and apply there. However, if you live in Madrid, you can get it in the very Casa de la Moneda Museum Shop. Finally, perhaps the most convenient way, is through the online store online store the Mint’s online store, although you have to add shipping costs.

“The Camino is in our hearts and now also in our pockets”.

In this way it is expressed Isabel ValldecabresThe Director General of the Mint and Stamp Mint, at the presentation of the coin in the city of Santiago de CompostelaThe mayor of the city, Xosé Sánchez Bugallo, was also present. thanked that the façade of the Cathedral of Santiago, with this new issue, has gone from the small coins of 1, 2 and 5 cents to one that honours it..

A presentation of the coin in front of the Cathedral

The coin may still be available in 2022; Depending on demand, additional mintages will be considered.. For now you have time to get it, who knows if for your collection or as a unique gift to a dear pilgrim. It’s another way of celebrating the Holy Yeara very special date for every pilgrim and for the whole of Humanity, since the the Way of Santiago is a value of all.