In this article we propose a list of 10 films and series that will inspire you to do the Camino de Santiago.

Footprints (Thriller, Documentary, 2016)

This documentary film tells the story of 11 young people from the Arizona desert who travel to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago. For 40 days and 1000 km, we accompany them on the greatest adventure of their lives: a physical and spiritual journey capable of changing their lives forever.

The Road (Drama, 2010)

El Camino is one of the most acclaimed films of the Camino de Santiago, without a doubt. One day, Tom Avery (Martin Sheen), a renowned ophthalmologist and widower, is told that his son Daniel, with whom he has never had good relations, has died in the Pyrenees during a storm. Tom, heartbroken, travels to France and, when he finds out that his son was doing the French Way of Santiago he decides to finish the route in his honor.

O Apóstolo (Animation, 2012)

A prisoner recently escaped from jail tries to recover the loot he hid some years before in a remote and lonely village; but what he finds there is a worse sentence than prison. Sinister old men, strange disappearances, spirits, a peculiar priest and even the archpriest of Santiago himself star in a story of terror, humour and fantasy. It features the voices of Luis Tosar, Geraldine Chaplin, Manuel Manquiña, Jorge Sanz and Paul Naschy among others.

Al Final del Camino (Comedia, 2009)

Nacho (Fernando Tejero) es fotógrafo. Pilar periodista (Malena Alterio). Se odian. Sin embargo, tendrán que hacerse pasar por una pareja para realizar un reportaje sobre Olmo (Diego Peretti), un gurú que resuelve las crisis de pareja haciendo el Camino de Santiago. Durante seis días de viaje a través de Galicia, se verán envueltos en todo tipo de situaciones absurdas, delirantes y románticas… y es que ya se sabe que hasta el final del camino todo puede ocurrir.


Three on the Road (Documentary, 2004)

At the dawn of the new millennium, a Dutch social worker, a famous Japanese poetess and a Brazilian girl have walked the Camino de Santiago and, back in their countries, they look back on the memories they have lived. The journey is also a journey into themselves, sharing a physical and spiritual space with millions of pilgrims who have made the way since the Middle Ages. Laurence Boulting, author of documentaries such as ”Eduardo Chillida” or ”Gernika, the spirit of the tree”, signs this work halfway between the purest documentary and the fiction film. Boulting spent four years travelling along the Jacobean Route and met three real pilgrims (none of them professional performers), whom he chose to star in the film. Actor and director Lord Richard Attenborough voices the original narration.

Pilgrims (Comedy, Drama, 2005)

On the death of their mother, three brothers learn that they will only collect their inheritance if they walk together from Le Puy-en-Velay, France, to Santiago de Compostela. The bad thing is that they hate each other and they hate to walk. But the desire for money is stronger and they are finally on their way. They meet the guide in Le Puy-en-Velay, where they discover that they will go with a group of six other people. The road is a long one to Santiago de Compostela, and while we travel with them through some splendid landscapes, we witness the mishaps, anger, love affairs, fantasies and experiences of these nine characters.

The End of the Road (TV Series, 2009)

An adventure series set in Santiago de Compostela in the 11th century, when the cathedral was just beginning to be built and Spain did not exist as such, divided into different kingdoms fighting against the invasion of Saracens and Almoravids.

The series tells the story of three brothers, one of whom, Pedro (Javier Rey), is kidnapped by the Saracens during an attack on their village when they are children. The other two, Gonzalo (Antonio Velázquez) and Esteban (Guillermo Barrientos), seek refuge in Compostela and grow up under the protection of Bishop Peláez, who is overseeing the construction of the great temple that will house the tomb of the apostle Santiago. Gonzalo ends up as captain of the domine‘s guard; Esteban works as a stonemason in the construction of what will end up being the city’s cathedral.

Where is happiness? (Comedy 2011)

The film tells the story of Teodora, who suddenly finds herself without a job and without her husband. What to do when the future is a blank page? Accompanied by her friend Zeca and the Spanish Milena, Teodora begins the most important journey of her life, a journey through Spain, specifically, along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela: challenges, choices and discoveries in a story full of humour, delicacy and sincerity.

The Portico of Glory (Drama, 1953)

The Mexican friar Fray José de Guadalupe travels to Spain with the Mexican Children’s Choral Society to attend the celebration of the Compostelan Holy Year. While the orfeón triumphs and is hired all over Spain, the friar helps patch things up between the ex-singer Pilar and her old flame Diego. Fray José finds out that one of the children in the choir, Jaime, is the son that Pilar lost during the civil war.

The Milky Way (Comedy, Satire 1969)

Two French globetrotters who, from the outskirts of Paris, decide to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, meet numerous characters and experience situations closely linked to religious beliefs.

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