In this article we propose a list of 10 films and series that will inspire you to do the Camino de Santiago.

Footprints (Thriller, Documentary, 2016)

This documentary film tells the story of 11 young people from the Arizona desert who travel to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago. For 40 days and 1000 km, we accompany them on the greatest adventure of their lives: a physical and spiritual journey capable of changing their lives forever.

The Road (Drama, 2010)

El Camino is one of the most acclaimed films of the Camino de Santiago, without a doubt. One day, Tom Avery (Martin Sheen), a renowned ophthalmologist and widower, is told that his son Daniel, with whom he has never had good relations, has died in the Pyrenees during a storm. Tom, heartbroken, travels to France and, when he finds out that his son was doing the French Way of Santiago he decides to finish the route in his honor.

O Apóstolo (Animation, 2012)

A prisoner recently escaped from jail tries to recover the loot he hid some years before in a remote and lonely village; but what he finds there is a worse sentence than prison. Sinister old men, strange disappearances, spirits, a peculiar priest and even the archpriest of Santiago himself star in a story of