This is the main stage of the Camino to Finisterre and Muxía. Its 33 kilometres run through a completely rural environment, with gentle slopes. From Negreira, the stage crosses a large number of small villages and farms, with beautiful wooded stretches until it reaches Olveiroa. For those who find it too long, it is possible to shorten the stage by staying overnight in private accommodation at intermediate points.


We leave Negreira following the main street and we turn left along a street that leads us to the Coton Manor House we pass under the arches of a stone gallery and arrive at the bridge over the river Barcala that leads us to Olveiroa. From here we have two options: The main route passes by the Xunta’s hostel and continues through the forest until it reaches the shoulder of the road. There is an alternative variant that avoids the road and runs through a beautiful forest, rejoining the official route after 3 km.

Both paths coincide when entering the village of Zas. Our route follows the paths of the old Royal Road to Finisterre, with abundant vegetation and shade. After arriving at O Rapote, we continue for a few kilometres and reach the Alto da Pena, where we find the 50-metre turn-off to a café-lodge.

We continue our route and arrive at A Pena, we leave the road on the right and find a fork with two alternatives: The official route continues on the left and has a quite dangerous stretch of asphalt.

The alternative on the right continues along dirt tracks to Vilaserío and does not increase the distance. Both routes meet in Vilaserío, which has several hostels and a restaurant.

We cross the village taking the road again and we arrive at O Cornado. Once in the village, we take a dirt track on the right that takes us to a local road, which we soon leave by a forest track on the left. We reach As Maroñas and continue to Santa Mariña, where we find a church and the Casa Pepa bar. From Santa Mariña we continue until we leave the road by a path on the right hand side, which leads us to small villages where we can see many farms.

After passing Gueima and arriving at Vilar de Castro, we find a sign indicating a detour to A Picota, with green arrows. This village is located 1.3km off the Camino and has a private hostel, apartments and a hotel. We should only take the detour if we are interested in sleeping there.

If we continue along the official route towards Olveiroa, we follow the indications of the Xunta’s milestones and start a gentle ascent to Monte Aro. After passing a viewpoint with benches and enjoying the views, we continue ascending until we turn off 500 metres before the summit, on a steep descent. The descent takes us to the village of Lago, where there is a hostel, a bar and a shop. We follow our route to Porteliñas, where we follow the road to the left until we reach Abeleiroas.

After a stretch between fields, meadows and woods we reach the village of Corzón, and 1 km further on we reach Ponte Olveira.

From Ponte Olveira, we only have to cross the bridge over the river Xallas and continue 1 km along the road until we turn off to the left and arrive at the end of the stage, Olveiroa.

To consider

This stage crosses wooded areas, from its departure in Negreira, and is visually wonderful, but we remind you that you will be crossing quite a lot of road areas, so you should always be careful that what you step on is the asphalt of the roads that lead to Olveiroa. Many pilgrims choose to take the signposted detour and spend the night in A Picota, which has a private hostel, apartments and a hotel.

Places of interest

  • Hórreos centenarians – Olveiroa
  • Bridge of Olveiroa – Olveiroa
  • Church of Santiago – Olveiroa

Typical dishes

  • Octopus á feira
  • Galician broth
  • Galician stew
  • Meat grills
  • Empanadas
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Santiago’s cake



Vilaserío Municipal Hostel

Address: Lugar Vilaserio, 37, 15838 Negreira, La Coruña

Phone: 981 893 506

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' Hospice of Olveiroa

Address: Olveiroa s/n, 15151 Olveira, A Coruña

Phone: +34 981 744 001

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' hostel of Negreira

Address: Calle Patrocinio, 10, 15830 Negreira, A Coruña

Phone: +34 660 78 91 89

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Dumbria

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 128


Town: Negreira

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 6788