Olveiroa Camino Finisterre Muxia

Information about Olveiroa

Olveiroa is a small village that belongs to Dumbría and has been gaining importance as the Jacobean route has grown, its link with the route is really intimate. It presents points of great interest as its Olveiroa bridge and an idyllic rural environment to get lost in it, to make a stop along the way. In this perfectly preserved traditional Galician village where you can breathe the purest air, taste the traditional gastronomy and find pilgrims from all over the world who stop to enjoy its charms.

What to see and do in Olveiroa

The centenary granaries

Since Olveiroa is a small village with few inhabitants, it spent many years a bit abandoned and this affected its main heritage, aged by the passage of time. However, today it is an example of good conservation. The heritage of this town is restored and cared for, and one of the most valuable attractions of the area is the number of centenary granaries that it has, perfectly preserved for the enjoyment of tourists and walkers. These buildings are typical of the area and are often in poor condition, a walk through Olveiroa will be the opportunity to see them in their fullness.

Horreos Olveiroa