This is the stage in which we set off from the coast of Cee, to head towards Finisterre. The end of the world for the Romans and the place where the Celts worshipped the sun. Cradle of legends, shipwrecks and mysteries, which for centuries has attracted hikers from all over the world who were amazed to contemplate the impressive sunset from the lighthouse.
The route will be a beautiful walk through wooded paths and beautiful beaches, always with the Atlantic Ocean guiding our steps.


We leave from the Market Square, on the way to Finisterre, taking the shortcut along the promenade on the banks of the estuary, avoiding the detour that gives the official road through the shopping streets of Cee. After ten minutes we arrive to Corcubión and we accede to the old town, with its beautiful stone houses and glass windows. This town has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site, so it is worth a brief visit before continuing with the stage.

From the church of San Marcos we follow the signs until we reach a large yellow arrow that leads us along a path that goes into the mountain. In slight ascent we arrive at the top of a hill from where we have an excellent panoramic view of Corcubión and the sea. We descend and arrive at Estorde, with its beautiful beach. We pass Estorde and we enter a path covered by flowering xestas, whose yellow stands out against the blue of the sea in the background.

We continue along the coast until we reach a steep descent that will make us take out our cane to relieve our knees.

Passing Estorde, we entered a path covered by broom in bloom, an explosion of yellow that stood out even more with the blue of the sea in the background. We continue to Sardiñeiro Beach, where we have benches to rest. We pass Sardiñeiro de Abaixo and continue along the sidewalk of the road until we take a street that goes up on the right. The signs lead us to a dirt road that runs through pine and eucalyptus forests until it offers a spectacular view of Finisterre. We continue along the shoulder of the road, except for a short stretch along a path next to the guardrail of a roundabout.

Then the arrows indicate us to cross the road and t