Today we leave Illa de Arousa behind to join the spiritual variant of the Portuguese Way in Vilanova de Arousa. This stage is really short, and leaves us all the time we need to enjoy the last places of the island. So take a last dip in these paradisiacal beaches, and let’s continue, there’s not much left!


We leave Illa de Arousa and head towards the Carreirón” Natural Park we leave Illa de Arousa, with the intention of returning to the beaches of Vilanova. A place characterized by its beaches of crystalline waters and white sandy beaches. We must remember that we are in an area of special interest for bird watching.

After crossing the bridge again, you will continue your way to the beaches of “O Terrón“, a coastal route that will take you to the centre of Vilanova de Arousa, your end of the stage. This municipality, which was the birthplace of the writer Ramón del Valle-Inclán, you can relive the history of his life and work by visiting his house museum.

To consider

In Vilanova de Arousa, the Route of Father Sarmiento meets the Spiritual Variant to continue together to Santiago de Compostela, so as the stage is quite short, we can take the opportunity to see the last remnants of the Illa de Arousa.

Places of Interest

  • Carreirón Natural Park
  • Manor house of Valle-Inclán
  • Towers of Cálogo
  • Church of Santa María de Caleiro

Typical dishes

  • Mussel: the mollusc par excellence
  • Scallops
  • Fish and seafood
  • Octopus á feira
  • Albariño wine from Rías Baixas



Vilanova de Arousa Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: C/ Rúa José González Sanisidro, 69 36620 Vilanova de Arousa – Pontevedra.

Phone: (+34) 633 906 490

Email: Unavailable

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Vilanova de Arousa

Town: Vilanova de Arousa

Povince: Pontevedra

Population: 10239