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Vilanova de Arousa is presented in the context of the Arousa estuary, as its name indicates. As such, it offers splendid scenery and provides numerous beaches to relax, stroll and enjoy the great views. It also presents an interesting collection of architectural heritage and offers an exceptional gastronomy, to highlight at this point its wine route ideal for tasting this drink with Denomination of Origin Rías Baixas. A visit to find peace and quiet and let yourself be carried away by the small pleasures of life in an enchanting natural setting.

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The Pazo Baión

The Pazo Baión is one of the architectural and historical attractions of Vilanova de Arousa. It is a construction made up of two large buildings surrounded by an immense estate destined for the cultivation of grapes to produce the famous Albariño wine. It has two three-storey towers joined by a two-storey rectangular body, with crenellated roofs and gargoyles. It also has a warehouse and some buildings for private homes.

Pazo Baion Vilanova de Arousa

The beaches

The beaches of this town are numerous and worth a visit, will be the plan par excellence of any traveler and especially if you go in summer. One of them is the beach of El Terrón, which has a half-shell shape and is located in a rural environment, surrounded by beautiful pine forests that offer shade in the hottest moments. On the other hand, A Braña beach is semi-urban and completely straight, has fine golden sand and is very well sheltered from the wind. Also of great interest is the beach of Campamento or Mosqueiro, with calm waters and anchoring area for boats.

Beaches Vilanova de Arousa

The viewpoint Monte Lobeira

In the vicinity of Mount Lobeira is this viewpoint, located in a privileged natural environment. It is a 290 m high mountain from where you can perfectly observe the landscape that Vilanova de Arousa offers in its splendour. From this viewpoint you can distinguish the illas de Ons, o Grove and also Sierra Barbanza. There is also a monument to the victims of the sea, as a good fishing village, with a plaque in honor of the sailors of the sinking of the training ship Serpent.

Mount Lobeira Vilanova de Arousa


The gastronomy of Vilanova de Arousa honours the classic Galician cuisine and also its tradition as a fishing village. In any place you can taste a good delicacy brought from the sea, with elaborations typical of the area and top quality products. On the other hand, the importance of Albariño wine in this area cannot be ignored. It is the perfect place to do a tasting and to accompany any lunch or dinner with a glass of this drink with Denomination of Origin.

The hiking route

In the centre of the municipality you can choose to go on a beautiful hiking route, the route dos Miradoiros Lobeira – Faro das Lúas, which connects these two viewpoints. It follows a path of about 4 km that starts near the church of San Lourenzo de András, passes by the Faro das Lúas lighthouse and ends at the viewpoint of Lobeira. On the walk through the Lobeira mountain you can see the remains of a medieval castle, the Lobeira Castle and also have a small picnic, as it has tables and benches picnic style.

Lighthouse of Luas Vilanova de Arousa

Popular festivals

In this town there are different festivals of great interest, to live a moment of leisure and integrate into the social life of the place. In January the pilgrimage of San Amaro begins , after the carnival comes the festivities of the Momo. In August there is also no lack of plans, the Carmen festival and the Festa do Mexillón e do Berberecho, ideal for tasting these local dishes. There is also a real tribute to the travellers at the end of this month with the festival of the Tourist and the season is rounded off with the festivities of September when San Roque, La Pastoriza and San Cibrán are celebrated.

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