From capital to capital… This stage takes us from the capital of seafood in O Grove to Cambados, capital of Albariño wine. In this small village we can visit emblematic places such as the Tower of San Sadurniño enjoy strolling through its monumental area and taste exquisite dishes accompanied by a good white wine albariño.


We continue our adventure retracing the path towards the beach of A Lanzada, to leave the peninsula of O Grove and begin the route towards Cambados. Leaving the Umia-Grove intertidal complex to the left, the path leads us along the coast of Meaño towards Cambados. In this stretch, the landscape will be dominated by the old tile factories of Meaño, “As telleiras”, and the white grape vineyards.

The approach to the high point of the marshes of the Umia-O Grove intertidal complex at the mouth of the Umia river will indicate that we are reaching the end of the stage. We can stop to contemplate the landscape in the bird observatory of the intertidal complex. At the height of the observatory towards the interior, is the winery of Albariño Condes de Albarei, winery that accumulates a few victories in his palmarés.

To consider

At Cambados celebrates the mythical albariño wine festival, every year during the month of August, the center of town is filled with stands belonging to dozens of wineries Albariño and a court selects the winery of the winning vintage of the year, so if you come from O Grove you might want to plan your visit well before you start walking. The prices of the bottles of wine are lower than usual and there is a lot of atmosphere.

If you are doing the route in these dates, we recommend you to add an extra day in Cambados to enjoy this experience.

Places of interest

  • Tower of San Sadurniño
  • Fefiñanes Square
  • The ruins of Santa Mariña
  • The Ramón Cabanillas Museum
  • The Ethnographic Museum of Wine

Typical dishes

  • Albariño wine: Bouza do rei, Condes de Albarei or Paco y Lola wineries.
  • Scallops
  • Scallops
  • Assorted fish
  • Seafood and fish rice dishes