A stage of contrasts in which we will leave the town of Sanxenxo to go to the first natural coastal enclaves of the route, culminating in the fishing village of O Grove.

If before we commented that Sanxenxo is the capital par excellence of Galician tourism, O Grove is undoubtedly the capital of seafood. In fact, this small coastal town hosts one of the most important gastronomic festivals in Galicia: the seafood festival, held in October. Its rich gastronomy together with its natural wealth will make you fall in love with it.


We will leave Sanxenxo to progressively say goodbye to the urban beaches and enter more natural environments that will accompany us to O Grove. The first stop on today’s stage will be at Punta Vicaño, from where we will be able to contemplate some beautiful views of Sanxenxo. Later we will cross the villages of Portonovo and Paxariñas.

As we continue advancing, we will arrive at Punta Faxilda, from where we will have an impressive panoramic view of the Ons Islands. Then, after a few more kilometres, we will pass by the hermitage of Nosa Señora de A Lanzada, located on a coastal ledge.

The next stop is the sedimentary area of A Lanzada, a large straight stretch of fine golden sand, dunes and turquoise waters, where we can relax before reaching the end of the stage in O Grove.

To consider

O Grove sits geographically on a tombolo, a small island joined to the mainland by an arm of land that forms the sedimentary space of A Lanzada, so you can only enter from the road to Sanxenxo. This is the reason why the next stage we present you is circular, in order to get to know the coastline of O Grove.

Places of interest

  • Montalvo Beach
  • Lagoa de Major
  • Faxilda Point
  • Nosa Señora da Lanzada Hermitage
  • Beach of A Lanzada
  • Castro of A Lanzada

Typical dishes

  • Fish
  • Seafood from the estuary: scallops, razor clams and clams, lobsters, lobsters…
  • Mussels with vinaigrette
  • Assorted Empanadas
  • Seafood rice