Today we are facing a short stage in which our steps will take us from Cambados to the beautiful fishing village of Illa de Arousa. The total mileage of the stage includes the visit to the island of Arousa.


In the first stretch of this stage, from Cambados to Illa de Arousa, you will find the tidal mill of “A Seca”, one of the few seawater mills that exist in Galicia and that will surprise you with its peculiar engineering. It is now fully restored and can be visited. The path continues along the coast until you reach a two-kilometre bridge that will lead you to Illa de Arousa.

This small island is a truly idyllic place, marked by the fishing tradition and surrounded by the most beautiful beaches. The fishing port of “O Xufre”, the lighthouse of “Punta Cabalo”, the route of “Os Cons” (large granite rocks sculpted by the wind and waves) and the viewpoint of “Con do Forno” are some of the attractions that this stage will offer you.

To consider

In this stage the route of Father Sarmiento leaves Cambados to go into the sea in the place of Illa de Arousa, where we can see many seafaring tourist sites, so we recommend enjoying the stage, as with the visits of Illa de Arousa, are only 18 kilometers.

Places of interest

  • Tide mill of “A Seca” – Arousa Island
  • Punta Cabalo Lighthouse – Arousa Island
  • Viewpoint of “Con do Forno” – Arousa Island

Typical dishes

  • Mussel: the mollusc par excellence
  • Scallops
  • Fish and seafood
  • Octopus á feira
  • Albariño wine from Rías Baixas