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Cambados is an idyllic village sculpted in granite and located in the middle of the Arousa estuary, the largest of the Galician estuaries. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the area, with a great heritage to visit and contemplate in depth. In this town you can find an excellent architectural richness starring manor houses and stately homes, as well as a natural value that allows hiking or nautical activities. The gastronomy is also an attraction magnitude, with its wine as the main focus thanks to its reputation as the capital of the famous Albariño wine. Strolling around Cambados, enjoying its landscapes and tasting a good wine is a real privilege.

what to see and do in cambados

A Fontiña Beach

A Fontiña beach is located on the coast of Cambados and is a protected natural area surrounded by vegetation, a real paradise on earth. It has a length of 400 meters and is an isolated beach, surrounded by the purest nature. Its waters are very clean and transparent, a great contrast to its dark sand. It is a beach easy to access despite everything and is usually very quiet, ideal for a day of peace of mind and contact with the freshest air.

The Tower of Homenaxe

This building is part of the historical legacy of the town of Cambados so it is an essential visit for any traveler who wants to connect a little more with the place. The Torre da Homenaxe dates back to the 16th century and is currently used as a lookout point, offering magnificent views as well as a cultural contribution. Although it has a medieval fortress structure, the truth is that this tower was built by a nobleman, so that he could hand over the fief to his vassals.

The Consistory building

The Consistory building is a beautiful architectural work from the 19th century, specifically from the year 1850. In this imposing building there are a series of large windows and balconies, forged in iron. On the other hand, in the central part of the building there is a turret in which an analogical clock has been placed. This building housed the courts and dungeons of Cambados, currently contains the administrative offices of the Concello. It is located in the Plaza de Alfredo Brañas, it is very easy to access.

The beach A Mouta

If you are looking for an urban beach where you can stroll comfortably, A Mouta beach is the perfect solution. In the heart of Cambados is this corner of sand and sea with an extension of 300 meters and no promenade. It is calm and clean waters, ideal for swimming in the hottest seasons. The beach itself has no services, but thanks to its central location has bars and restaurants very close to it.

The Ethnographic and Wine Museum

This museum presents an interesting journey through the production of Albariño wine, the most important gastronomic speciality of the town of Cambados. This town produces one of the best white wines in the world and also hosts the Albariño Festival, declared of National Tourist Interest. To understand its culture in depth there is no better opportunity than to go to this museum, which in addition to bringing the visitor closer to the elaboration of the famous Abariño also provides an architecturally beautiful location and an unforgettable evening.

The church of San Benito

This interesting building is an ancient Romanesque temple remodeled in the early fifteenth century and rebuilt in the seventeenth century. The church of San Benito and the pazo were declared of Cultural Interest in 2012. In it there are two baroque bell towers and its gothic interior, where the main vault, the two interior chapels with the tombs of Don Gonzalo de Valladares and his wife Doña María Ozores y Silva, and the main chapel presided over by a baroque altarpiece are of great interest.

The hiking trails

The hiking routes allow you to explore the natural heritage of Cambados in all its splendour. The most important ones are A Pastora – Umia and the routes through the Umia-O Grove Intertidal Complex: the route of the mallards and the route of the curlews. They are of low difficulty and have few kilometers of distance, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy all the flora and fauna of Cambiados from an exciting perspective.

La Casa das Cunchas

The Casa das Cunchas or Casa de las Conchas is an important architectural landmark for Cambados, one of the main focuses of tourism that the town receives every year. It is a construction that dates back to the 19th century with many neo-baroque elements. These are combined with the scallop shells that decorate the walls and give the great house its name. As it was a building destined to the use of the fishermen of the area, it pays homage to the sea.

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