Sanabres Way - Ourense

Information about Ourense

Once built by the Romans on the banks of the river Minho, the city of gold and water was what we know today as the provincial capital of Ourense. Protagonist of this area of the Sanabrés Way, and blessed by the thermal waters, Ourense is located between the rivers Miño and Barbaña, and enjoys an unusual amount of mineral-medicinal springs.

This important city is considered the commercial and urban enclave between Galicia and the rest of the peninsula, being the third most important city in the autonomous community of Galicia, so the pilgrim will find here absolutely everything you need for your trip.

A little history

The first signs of this locality are the pre-Roman forts and the primitive settlement of As Burgas, at the foot of the thermal spring, until the area was occupied by the Romans, who called it Auriense and built a strategic bridge here. This bridge has accompanied the city throughout history and still maintains its Roman pillars, which have been rebuilt several times throughout history.

What to see and do in Ourense

Cathedral of St. Martin of Tours

Considered as one of the greatest Romanesque temples of the country, the Ourense Cathedral is part of the living history of the city, as well as of the whole diocese. It is the largest monument of the city of gold and water and occupies the center of the historic center. You can discover its Romanesque style with Cistercian and Gothic influences.