Information about Lubián

The town of Lubián is a gateway to many places. It is the border locality between the Leonese province of Zamora and the Community of Galicia. It is also a border between Spain and Portugal. And is that this bordering municipality welcomes us in the province of Ourense to all pilgrims coming from the Camino Sanabrés.

This small village of only three hundred inhabitants welcomes us with a particularity, and that is that although Galician is not an official language in Zamora, by the simple proximity of this town with Galicia and with the Portuguese country, many of its speakers are bilingual.

It is the last village on the Mozarabic Way before entering Galicia, and is therefore a tourist enclave located in the Alta Sanabria, where you can enjoy both its natural landscapes and its magnificent points of cultural interest.

What to see and do in Lubián

The Tuiza Sanctuary

Once located in the Cavados area, this church was moved to Lubián in the 18th century and it is said that it was moved stone by stone. It has a Latin cross plan with a mixture of Galician and Zamora styles. It is built with ashlar pillars and was declared of cultural interest in 1995.