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Fisterre means “the end of the earth” so this village is surrounded by a great mystery and is very popular because of this ancient belief, that of contemplating it as the absolute end of the territory. The village is surrounded by the sea at three points, so the fishing custom is part of the cultural and social DNA of this land. The Cape of Finisterre is the most extreme point of the place, it is visited very frequently for the enjoyment of spirituality, the emblematic magic that surrounds the legend of this place determined as the last crack of the earth.

It is also worth remembering that this was a previous point of pilgrimage before the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle, so many people make a stop of equal importance at this point during their journey to Santiago de Compostela. Of course, it is a haven of peace and mysticism in all its splendor.

what to see and do in fisterra

Cape Fisterra or Finisterre

The famous Cape that is associated with the end of the earth starts from a cliff rising from the islets of O Petonciño and A Centola to the mountain of O Facho. It is said that in this location is the Ara Solis of antiquity, associated with the Celtic tribes that inhabited the area, for the celebration of solar rites. It seems that when the Romans came to this place they were overwhelmed by the beauty of the eternal sunsets over the sea, and with them continued this legend of mystical dyes that still surrounds the area today.

It is one of the most popular and interesting areas of northern Galicia and an obligatory stop for any pilgrim or traveller. The mixture of spirituality with the beauty of the landscape offers unique moments to anyone who decides to approach the popular Cape Fisterra.

Cape Finisterre Fisterra

The lighthouse viewpoint

To get to the viewpoint of the lighthouse you must make a small detour from Fisterra, which will be very worthwhile. On the way you can enjoy beautiful views of the coast and the estuary of Corcubión. At the lighthouse you can take advantage of the visit to contemplate the municipal cemetery, which is a work of the architect Cesar Portela, a construction of immense beauty at the edge of the sea. The ideal time for this excursion can be at sunset, while the sunlight creates its own spectacle.

Fisterra Lighthouse Viewpoint

The hermitage of San Guillerme

There is another magical place near the Fisterra Lighthouse that should be visited once you decide to go to the area. This is the ruins of the hermitage of San Guillerme, this area also has its own mythology, as it is attributed benefits related to fertility. It is a long-standing tradition for couples who have this difficulty to go to this point in search of a push to find the desired offspring. Who knows, nothing is lost by trying.

The beach of Langosteira

This beautiful beach is located at the end of the village of Fisterra and is one of the best known and visited, its charm attracts travelers and residents of the area very often. It is about 2 km long and has calm and crystal clear waters. For many it is one of the most beautiful in Galicia and is worth enjoying. It is surrounded by beautiful pine forests that offer an even more natural environment, which allow shelter in its shade on summer days.

Beach Langosteira Fisterra

The Camiño dos Faros

For lovers of hiking there are also possibilities in this beautiful village and it is, in particular and as a major attraction, the Camiño dos Faros. It is a hiking route that is divided into 8 stages, has an extension of about 200 km and connects Malpica de Bergantiño with Fisterra. It is a transit that always runs along the coast, seeing the best natural landscapes composed of beaches, cliffs and lighthouses identifying the Costa da Morte. There are different shorter or longer routes for different types of walkers, depending on their physical condition. All of them provide a sublime charm and beauty that is worth seeing and experiencing for yourself.

The gastronomic delights of the sea

As a fishing village par excellence Fisterra offers a great gastronomic richness, especially in all products derived from the sea. It can be an ideal place to try Galician octopus, seafood caldeiradas and all kinds of seafood. It will seduce anyone who wants to taste the traditional Galician cuisine and find a fresh raw material to taste with tact. For this it will not be necessary to look carefully, any restaurant will provide delicacies that are at the height of the diner.

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