Today we are once again facing a somewhat long stage. However, the stage between Monforte de Lemos and Chantada will reward us with the incredible landscapes of the Ribeira Sacra that will accompany us throughout the journey. The only hard part of the stage is the descent to the Belesar reservoir and the subsequent ascent.


Today we leave Monforte de Lemos and head for Chantada crossing the river Cabe by the medieval bridge of the city. Our first point of reference on the route will be Pantón, which we will reach after crossing the Carboeiro stream and visiting the church of San Salvador de Moreda.

We continue our way passing in front of the majestic pazo of O Reguengo, in which its 15th century chapel stands out. From here our path takes us between tracks and dirt roads that cross the places of Castrotañe, Piñeiro and Castillón. Alternating stretches of asphalt with roads, ascending and descending, we will continue along the “Camiño Grande” up to A Barxa.

Along our route, we will pass through the municipality of O Saviñao, specifically through the parishes of San Lorenzo de Fión, Diomondi, Rendal and Fontela.

Our route will continue among meadows, oak groves and beautiful rural surroundings, descending towards the Miño River through the “Cóbados de Belesar” (towards the reservoir), following the remains of an ancient Roman road. After crossing the Miño river, we will begin to ascend and after crossing a few small villages we will arrive at Chantada, the end of our stage.

To consider

In the area of the Ribeira Sacra there are many small wineries that you can visit to taste their exquisite varieties of wine.

Places of interest

  • Church of Santa María de Camporramiro
  • Belesar Bridge
  • Fortress of Chantada
  • Church of San Cristóbal de Fornas – Chantada

Typical dishes

  • Chestnuts
  • Red berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries
  • Sea biscuits
  • Beef and veal meats
  • Wines of the Ribeira Sacra