During this stage the Winter Road leaves Chantada and enters briefly into the province of Pontevedra through the municipality of Rodeiro. In fact, the day will be marked by the ascent to Monte Faro, the natural divide that separates the provinces of Lugo and Pontevedra. Once in Rodeiro, we can enjoy its beautiful Romanesque heritage.


In today’s stage we say goodbye to Chantada heading to Rodeiro. We will leave the town by a local road and the first villages we will pass through will be Centulle and Casasoa. Our route runs between trails and dirt roads through beautiful landscapes of the Galician interior. After crossing a local road again, we continue along paths until we reach the place of Boán.

Afterwards, the path leads us to the small village of Lucenza. From here we will walk along a succession of dirt tracks and asphalted roads in slight ascent, until we reach Penasillás.

Here we can stop to rest a little and regain strength for the rest of the stage.

Once we start walking again, we will find the main point of the stage: the ascent to the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de O Faro. The path now takes us along paths and forest tracks with a steep upward slope, until we pass the “Camino de la Virgen”, which leads us to the hermitage, reaching an altitude of just over 1000m. The panoramic views of the landscape that we will have from the top, will make it worth the effort made to climb.

Having made the effort to get promoted, we now have our deserved relegation. We must follow the signs until we reach a large monolith that shows us the way to follow towards the Pazo de Camba. From here, we continue along the Hermida valley until we reach the river and then pass through Mouriz before reaching the end of the stage in Rodeiro.

To consider

From Penasillás there is the variant of Mouricios, well signposted and 1.2 km shorter than the official route. The route goes along the east side of the Serra do Faro. It is a much simpler alternative to the official route, but we will miss the visit to the hermitage of O Faro and the beautiful views from the Sierra.

Places of interest

  • Nosa Señora do Faro Chapel
  • Church of Santiago de Requeixo
  • Pazo de Camba
  • Church of San Vicente de Rodeiro
  • Porta de Arcos – Rodeiro

Typical dishes

  • Octopus á feira
  • Stew
  • Lacón with turnip tops
  • Game meat (mainly wild boar)
  • Empanadas
  • Chestnuts