A Armenteira Spiritual Variant

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A Armenteira is a small village with a lot of charm located in the Concello de Meis. It preserves the most faithful and authentic Galician traditional aspect, offering an incomparable landscape to any visitor with a passion for nature. In this place you can also find an excellent architectural heritage thanks to its imposing Monastery of Armenteira, a must-see place that boasts of being one of the most beautiful in Galicia. It is a villa to connect with the tranquility, enjoy the gastronomy and find peace among beautiful landscapes.

what to see and do in a armenteira

The Monastery of Santa Maria da Armenteira

This beautiful monastery is situated on one of the slopes of Mount Castrove and is surrounded by a natural spectacle brimming with vegetation, an incomparable setting. It is a place that transmits peace and spirituality, where you can only hear the sound of the spring water gushing, in harmony with nature. The monastery is a large building with three naves, with an impressive façade that has a magnificent rose window with geometric floral fretwork that illuminates the interior of the temple as a symbol of waiting for the rising sun. It is a church of medieval origin, sober and simple, faithful to Cistercian architecture.

Santa María A Armenteira Monastery

The route of the Pedra e da Auga

If you are looking to enjoy a complete experience and exploit the benefits of the landscape of A Armenteira, there is no better way than to opt for the Ruta da Pedra e da Auga. It runs along a path that runs along the Armenteira river. On the way you can see different mills, typical of the history and tradition of the area. As it could not be otherwise, as a final climax the journey ends with the arrival at the Monastery of Santa Maria da Armenteira and its incredible view.

Pedra Auga A Armenteira Route

The Pazo de la Saleza and Botanical Garden

Very close to A Armenteira, in Meis, you can visit another building of great beauty. It is the Pazo de la Saleza, a Galician farmhouse from the 18th century around which a surprising garden has been designed and is recognised by the Spanish Committee of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme. It is a private pazo, so its interior cannot generally be visited, but you can enjoy its exterior architecture. The botanical garden, meanwhile, was designed by landscape designer Brenda Colvin in 1970 and brings together plant species from all over the world, this one is open to the public and worth knowing.

Saleta A Armenteira Manor House

Mount Castrove

To continue enjoying nature and fresh air there is no better excursion than going into the Castrove Mountain. It is a small mountain of easy access and it is the limit between Barro, Meis, Pontevedra and Poio. It is located 613 meters above sea level and promises a special day in contact with the landscape of this beautiful place. In it emanate several streams to delight the stay. If you access through Sierra de Armenteira you will find a path to follow to admire the petroglyphs of Outeiro da Criba, a set of figures engraved on rock and magical labyrinths.

Mount Castrove A Armenteira


Both in A Armenteira and its surroundings you can enjoy a traditional Galician gastronomy. It is the perfect area to enjoy homemade dishes par excellence, with a good raw material and the hand of the home of a lifetime. You won’t need to look for fancy restaurants to taste good delicacies from the land and the sea.


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