This is the most naturally beautiful stage of the whole spiritual variant, so we hope you enjoy it. During this route you will start from A Armenteira and you will cross the interior of the region of Salnés, to get back to the coast through the charming fishing village of Vilanova de Arousa.


Today the stage begins with one of the most beautiful routes in the area, the route of the stone and water. Along the route, you will walk parallel to the river A Armenteira and every step you take, you will discover places of great natural beauty, crossing on your way the municipalities of Meis and Ribadumia, until you reach Pontearnelas, just 8 kilometers from Vilanova de Arousa.

The path of a pedra e a a auga, stands out for its exuberant riverside vegetation, its bridges, its small waterfalls, and for a succession of old mills that rest on the river bank.

Once the section of the route is finished, the path takes us through a progression of rural landscapes. The vineyards will indicate that we are approaching the Arousa estuary, finishing the final stretch of the stage in Vilanova de Arousa.

Vilanova de Arousa is the birthplace of Valle-Inclán. Its beaches will be waiting for you to give you a well-deserved rest. Enjoy!

To consider

In this stage we start from A Armenteira and we get in contact with the sea again, this time in the Arousa estuary, until we reach Vilanova. From here begins the maritime crossing of “The Traslatio” This recreates the route followed by the boat that carried the remains of the Apostle St. James. There are shipping companies that offer pilgrims the possibility of making this journey by sea to Pontecesures-Padrón.

Places of interest

  • Route of stone and water
  • Manor house of Valle-Inclán
  • Church of Santa María de Caleiro
  • Rúa Nova Manor House
  • Towers of Cálogo

Typical dishes

  • Mussel: the mollusc par excellence
  • Scallops
  • Fish and seafood
  • Octopus á feira
  • Albariño wine from Rías Baixas