Once in Pontevedra, you can choose between continuing the traditional route of the Portuguese Way, or enter the mystical route of the spiritual variant, which leaves us in the town of A Armenteira. Are you going to miss it?

In this first stage, the main milestones will be the visit to the beautiful village of Combarro and the imposing Monastery of Armenteira.


We start the route of the spiritual variant from Pontevedra, from whose center you will walk to Combarro by a beautiful route that borders the coast to go then to the Monastery of A Armenteira.

Your first step will be to leave Pontevedra over the bridge that connects the city with Poio, from where you walk along the coast until you reach the Lourido inlet.

From the cove of Lourido, the path runs along Praia Avenue until you reach Campelo beach, from where you can continue the itinerary along a path that runs along the coast until you reach To Seara. Once in A Seara, you will arrive at the centre of Combarro along an asphalted track where the views of the sea will continue to be the protagonists. Enjoy and invest some time in knowing Combarro, we assure you that it is a town that leaves no one indifferent.

After the break in Combarro, all that remains is the last push before the end of the stage.

The path continues uphill along the Camino Vilar to the Mirador do Loureiro. From the viewpoint, we continue ascending to the Monastery of Santa María de Armenteira, the end of the stage.

Combarro is a small fishing village belonging to the municipality of Poio. This village has one of the most emblematic historical centres of Galicia, full of cruceiros and hórreos. You will undoubtedly enjoy losing yourself in its streets, visiting the more than 60 hórreos (raised granaries) that it houses and tasting dishes of the wonderful local gastronomy.

To consider

The environment at the end of this stage through the lands of Pontevedra is perfect to relax and give way to introspection. Have you discovered the legend of the Monastery of Armenteira and the meaning it hides?

Places of interest

  • Beach of Lourido
  • Muiños da Freixa
  • Combarro
  • Tambo Island
  • Loureiro Viewpoint
  • Monastery of Armenteira

Typical dishes

  • Fish and seafood
  • Albariño from Rías Baixas