The summer is progressing and at the end of September will gradually give way to the rains and cold temperatures of autumn and winter.. If you have set out to do the Camino de Santiago this summer and you haven’t done it yet, September is still an ideal month. In this article we will talk about the benefits of doing the Camino in September.

Pilgrimage in September is the smartest option, with the end of the holidays there is a smaller influx of pilgrims and the weather is perfect.

September is traditionally one of the months in which we will still see quite a few pilgrims walking, although less than in July and August. In 2019 (the last year before the pandemic), as the statistical data of the Pilgrim’s Assistance Office of Santiago de Compostela show, were 45,653 pilgrims who picked up their Compostela in its offices, far from the 62,814 in August or the 53,319 in July of the same year.

With the end of the main holiday months, July and August, there will be fewer pilgrims. on the road, especially those who spend part of their holidays on pilgrimage. This will allow you to find your accommodation more easily, even on a daily basiseven day by day and without booking anything, although it is better not to risk it and take everything previously booked and take everything previously booked: for that we recommend you the agency
Viajes Camino de Santiago
which can help you to organize your Camino without obligation..

Let's do the Camino in September

Holy Year, a safe year

You have to take into account that the year 2021 is a Holy Year and as such you will be able to pass through the Holy Door of the Cathedral and receive the indulgences due to your pilgrimage.If you do 100 kilometres on foot or 200 kilometres by bicycle, on one of the official routes and with arrival in Santiago de Compostela. You can even attend a pilgrim’s mass and even be lucky enough to see the botafumeiro flying in the Cathedral of Santiago.

It is possible that the number of pilgrims may be higher than in other years because of the Holy Year. because it is a Holy YearThe uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic will hopefully keep pilgrim numbers low. However, traditionally the month of Septembertogether with May, is a month of not excessive traffic of pilgrims, so it will beso this will be an advantage if you an advantage if you want space for reflection for yourself.

The Way of St. Jameswith its accommodation and hotel infrastructures, is prepared to receive all pilgrims with the appropriate security measures.. In addition, walking outdoorsand less crowded than in July and August, is the safest thing to do in these pandemic times..

A perfect climate for walking

September is also an ideal month for the weather and temperatures, which will be milder. than in months like July and August. Walking along the paths to Santiago de Compostela will be a delight for the senses and for your skin, as you will surely sweat less. That does not detract from the fact that the nights are a bit coolerkeep in mind that in the ninth month of the year it is already noticeable that the days are shorterand this also means that you have less daylight hours to walk. In addition, Galicia does not guarantee that the rain will be absent for many days, so you should carry in your backpack equipment suitable for walking in rain showers, just in case.just in case.

Festive Galicia

Something almost unique in Galicia is the a great number of popular festivals and open-air dances that take place all over the territory in September.. Maybe you’re walking and you find a “vermouth session” in a village, or you get to the end of your stage and it turns out that there’s a verbena in the square. In addition, as a Holy Year and Xacobeo, there are concerts and different events all over Galicia..

Do you want to go on pilgrimage in a group?

You may be interested in walking the route in a group. As there are fewer pilgrims, it is more difficult to find people to go on pilgrimage with, although, eureka! It turns out that with that, they can also help you! Visit the website of Viajes Camino de Santiago
choose your route and contact them without obligation, they will be happy to advise you.

Groups in September

Many roads, and one destination: Santiago de Compostela.

Depending on what you want to find on your pilgrimage, perhaps there is one of the different Routes of the Way of Saint James that are more in line with what you are looking for, although they all have the Galician capital as a common factor. Santiago de Compostela iswith its historic centre, an open-air museum full of art, architecture, animation and gastronomy.. In addition, you have at your disposal a wide range of museums to visitand even your Pilgrim’s Credential and/or your Compostela can be used to enjoy a discount on the fare. Santiago de Compostela is ready to welcome all those who do the Camino in the month of September.

You can reach Compostela from any point of the compass. From the north of Galicia, the English Way is born, which with its mixture of estuaries, beaches, mountains and meadowsis not especially the busiest. It is followed by the Camino del Norte, also little traffic and plenty of space for youas well as the Primitive Way. In these three you will find cooler temperatures.

Already from the west the
French Way of St. James
, the busiest and that will allow you to meet more pilgrims.. The Vía de la Plata and the Camino Sanabrés are approaching from the southwest and offer a more intimate and less travelled path, a bit warmer but with several rivers..

French Way in September

From the south we must highlight the Portuguese Way and its variants along the coast and the spiritual, which will offer you even more more estuaries and beachesbeautiful cities and villages, although somewhat warmer. Even, you will be able to see how the grape harvest is carried out in the lands of the famous Albariño wine, one of the most valued wines in of the most valued wines in Galicia… Maybe they will even invite you to help with the work!

Finally, heading west and from Santiago de Compostela, towards the Costa da Morte and the End of the Earth.Finisterre, Finisterre and Muxía, you will find the Camino de Finisterre and Muxía. You can do it in that direction or even the other way around, arriving in Santiago, thus achieving the Finisterrana, Muxiana and Compostela. In addition, you can treat yourself to a mythical sunset at Cape Finisterre..

Road to Finisterre

And you still have another option, the our friends at Viajes Camino de Santiago have up their sleeves.although it is not exactly a Camino de Santiago. If you want to fully enjoy the Costa da MorteWould you dare with the Camino de los Faros? If you choose this option, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

As the song by Los Enemigos says, “it’s already September, and I’m not going to be there”. Tell your partner, friends and family that you are going on pilgrimage.maybe they want to join you. Santiago awaits you in September, the sunset of the summer season, and Travel Camino de Santiago is here to make your make your Camino easier.