Under the perspective of “learning by doing and the conviction that nowadays education is not only limited to schools, but can happen at any time and in any place, the Way of St. James offers multiple educational possibilities, symbol and pretext to mobilize students and expand their skills within an interdisciplinary, cooperative, co-educational and environmentally sensitive educational proposal. For all these reasons, the French Way is a great option for a school group trip.


Travel Itinerary

Arrival in Sarria, welcome meeting, handing out of credentials and gifts, first night of accommodation. This is the moment to explain to the students how this school trip will work during the French Way.

After spending the first night in Sarria, the students will begin to share emotions and reflections on the journey that awaits them. Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will head for Portomarín. 24 km of nature await you, where the color green will accompany you throughout the Camino. You will pass through rural areas full of pastures and small villages, crossing forests and small rivers.

The religious heritage is the protagonist in this stage, the Romanesque churches of Ferreiros and Barbadelos are real treasures that deserve a visit. Along the way they will be stamping their credentials, socializing with each other and with the first pilgrims, with whom they will later become familiar as they will share with them many of the stages of their Camino.

Around midday they will cross the bridge over the river Miño and arrive at Portomarín, the village flooded by the Belesar reservoir. If you do your Camino in autumn, you can still see the remains of the old village.

After climbing the steps of the Roman bridge that leads to the Chapel of As Neves and going up to the village square, you will see the spectacular Romanesque Church of San Nicolás, moved stone by stone next to the Church of San Pedro from the old village.

After dinner, time to sleep and regain strength for the next stage.

On this day, after getting up early, washing up and picking up their backpacks, many will already feel the weight of their first kilometres in their legs. Once breakfast has been eaten, the teachers or guides will be able to make a short presentation or introduction to the stage ahead, where they will be able to exchange opinions, resolve doubts, and stretch to prevent injuries during the Camino.

In this stage they will combine road and mountain for 25 km of route. After climbing some slopes, it is worth taking a detour a few metres to visit the Castromaior hillfort, one of the most important archaeological sites from the Iron Age in the northwest of the peninsula, which bears witness to the Celtic past of the Galician community. Given its excellent state of preservation, the walled enclosure, the moats and the layout of part of the castro are recognisable.

In the village of Portos, huge ants will welcome you and invite you to rest and have a snack. From here you can visit the Monastery and the Church of Vilar de Donas, declared a National Monument in 1931 and linked to the famous Order of the Knights of Santiago and the Templars.

Once in Palas de Rei, after having lunch and settling into their accommodation, the students will have the whole afternoon free to rest and share with their classmates and teachers their feelings, experiences and reflections on these days of coexistence.

Once they have said good morning, packed up and had breakfast, the pupils will set off for Arzúa, a town known for its famous cheese. At this stage the first blisters and small injuries usually appear, so we recommend you to make sure you have a good first aid kit before leaving Palas de Rei. Today will be above all a day of effort, overcoming and companionship, as it is also the longest stage: 29 kilometres separate them from their destination.

More or less at midday you will arrive in Melide, halfway along the way you can take the opportunity to taste the famous Galician octopus.

All this effort will be rewarded when you reach Ribadiso de Abaixo, where you can swim in the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery and magical surroundings.

Once in Arzúa, the mind and body will need to rest, so it is usually a quiet afternoon. You can take the opportunity to visit the church and again share opinions and experiences as a group.

(There is the possibility of splitting this stage in two, spending the night in Melide, ask for more information).

After the daily routine, after the assembly or presentation of the stage, the young people will head to O Pedrouzo. This stage is a little smoother than the previous ones, up and down between small villages, streams and eucalyptus forests, the latter becoming more and more present as you get closer to the Galician capital. You will also be in luck, today your feet will hardly suffer: you will walk on well-kept tracks, with flat and comfortable terrain, finding plenty of bars, shops and places to rest.

There is less time left to finish the trip and we are already beginning to take stock of the journey; boys and girls discover how, with each kilometer walked, little by little they have been filling their backpack with experiences, reflections, new friendships, dropping doubts and concerns along the way and perhaps picking up new ones that will accompany them for many more kilometers on other different roads.

Today is, for many, the most special stage of all. The day will begin with overflowing excitement and joy for all. One last effort and you will reach Santiago de Compostela.

As this is a relatively short and easy stage, we recommend getting up a little earlier than usual to arrive on time for the pilgrim’s mass and make the most of the day in Santiago.

On arriving at Monte do Gozo, students will discover the reason for the name of this place: the tingling in the belly, that pleasant sensation that will invade them when they see the towers of the Cathedral in the distance, closer and closer.

As you descend into the city, blisters, injuries, tiredness, etc. They will disappear until they vanish completely in the most magical moment of the whole way: The entrance to the Plaza del Obradoiro. Hugs, tears, joy for arriving and sadness for ending, a unique moment that will remain engraved in everyone’s memory forever. So just enjoy it.

After embracing the Apostle, they cannot forget to collect their Compostelas at the Pilgrim’s Office after handing in the credentials they have been stamping all along the Way; this is the Diploma of the effort, deserved by each and every one of them.

Finally, you can take advantage of the afternoon to stroll through the majestic old town and enjoy your last day as pilgrims.

Free day to visit Santiago de Compostela. After leaving the lodge our services are over.

A day of farewells, the end of a journey and the beginning of many, is what we always say to our pilgrims. Today girls and boys will wake up with one more road in their lives; but not a road of kilometers, but a road of experiences: a road in which emotions and feelings have been splashing them, without realizing it, at every step they took, a road that invited them to stop, to see everything that goes unnoticed in their daily lives, to see what could be improved, to reflect and to be better people. A path that will be projected in their lives and will give them the opportunity to continue walking free towards their own goals.

This is the end of your school trip on the French Way.

Map of the Way

Type of accommodation


Services included

7 days / 6 nights accommodation7 days / 6 nights accommodation
Luggage transfer during the stagesLuggage transfer during the stages
Complete documentationComplete documentation
Pilgrim’s CredentialPilgrim’s Credential
Free scallop and pilgrim’s t-shirtFree scallop and pilgrim’s t-shirt
Travel insuranceTravel insurance
1 FREE Teacher for every 20 students1 FREE Teacher for every 20 students
MP (Breakfast and dinner)MP (Breakfast and dinner)

Optional Services

ServiceIn private hostels from Sarria
Full board supplementFull board supplement70€ per person
Extra night in Santiago de CompostelaExtra night in Santiago de Compostela20€ per person
Extra night in MelideExtra night in Melide30€ per person
24 hour accompanying monitor24 hour accompanying monitorConsult
Transportation from the schoolTransportation from the schoolConsult
Full board supplement Full board supplement
In private hostels from Sarria 70€ per person
Extra night in Santiago de Compostela Extra night in Santiago de Compostela
In private hostels from Sarria 20€ per person
Extra night in Melide Extra night in Melide
In private hostels from Sarria 30€ per person
24 hour accompanying monitor 24 hour accompanying monitor
In private hostels from Sarria Consult
Transportation from the school Transportation from the school
In private hostels from Sarria Consult


Frequently Asked Questions

The group trips are itineraries in which you will do a section of the Camino de Santiago as part of a group with other people, who like you, are looking for an unforgettable experience. We have a wide range of departure dates throughout the year, with the option of hiring a return bus from different cities (only on certain dates). You will be able to choose the type of accommodation you want and you will have all the services included so that you only have to worry about walking and enjoying.
In your travel documents, you will find the names of the accommodations assigned to you, as well as their contact telephone number and location.   As a general rule, all accommodation is located in the centre of the different towns along the Pilgrims' Route to Santiago de Compostela, without the need to deviate too far from the route. But sometimes, due to lack of availability, it is possible that some accommodation may be a little far from the village or even in neighbouring towns.   For all the accommodations that are at a considerable distance from the route of the Camino, we will provide you with a free taxi service that you can use to get to your accommodation and return to the Camino the next morning.   In any case, these are exceptions that we will inform you at the time of booking.
Luggage transport service by default is included in all our trips and it is not necessary to request it. You will be able to do the Camino de Santiago without your luggage on your back with the peace of mind that your suitcase will be at your next accommodation on your arrival.   Along with your credential you will also receive stickers, which you must cover with the requested information and stick it in a visible place on your suitcase.   Once you have arrived at your accommodation, we recommend that you ask at reception where you can leave your luggage. You will have to leave your luggage at the indicated place first thing in the morning for our carrier to pick it up. This way, when you arrive at your next accommodation your luggage will already be there.
We include a compulsory insurance with each trip that will cover you for any inconveniences that may arise during the Camino de Santiago. We will send you the insurance policy together with your travel documents.
The basic travel insurance included in our packages has a wide coverage against unforeseen events, with which you will also have guaranteed medical assistance and numerous benefits that you can consult in the General Conditions of Travel Insurance.
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