Ponte Maceira Camino Finisterre Muxia

Information about Ponte Maceira

This small town of barely 70 inhabitants is the first obligatory stop when we go beyond the cathedral of Santiago. As the first attraction of the road to Finisterre, the beginning could not be better, because this small village hides nature, history, art and one of the best views of the area.

Built around a magnificent bridge of Roman origin over the river Tambre, this magnificent rural village is surrounded by a natural environment difficult to match, between the flow of the river and the green of the Galician forests that surround the whole complex.

Legend has it that the disciples of the apostle St. James the Greater, fleeing from the Romans, crossed this magnificent bridge. According to the story, the bridge collapsed just after Moses’ waters closed, to let his pursuers fall into the river.

What to see and do in Ponte Maceira

A Ponte Vella

Being the main tourist attraction of this town, this bridge was built in the thirteenth century on the pillars of the ancient Roman bridge of legend, and the result is fascinating, with its three meters wide over the breaking of the waters of the river Tambre. This place is perhaps one of the most beautiful rural bridges in the country, and is full of legends, such as the one about the apostles of Santiago el Mayor, or the battle between the troops of the archbishop of Compostela and the men of Pedro Froizal de Trava.