Pontedeume English Way

Information about Pontedeume

In the Rías Altas and at the foot of the river Eume we find the beautiful village of Pontedeume, which has all the requirements for an unforgettable visit: mountain, river and sea. With the
Fragas do Eume
as a flag and the Tower of the Andrade family as a sign of identity, this town offers a spectacular historical and natural heritage worth discovering.

What to see and do in Pontedeume

Old town

The old town of Pontedeume is full of traces of the past that make it fascinating and envelop the tourist in a halo of mysticism. The indelible mark of the Andrade family and the efforts of the Archbishop of Santiago, Bartolomé Rajoy y Losada, among others, have left in the town a series of monuments and spaces that must be visited. To walk around the old town and soak up all that history is to go back to the golden age of the town.

Stone Bridge

If there is one construction that stands out, it is the bridge that gives its name to the town. Rebuilt in 1863, it replaced an old Gothic bridge built by Fernán Pérez de Andrade “O Boo”, together with two towers, a chapel and a hospital for pilgrims. From the Gothic bridge today we can only appreciate the Bear and the Boar that are kept in the old Convent of St. Augustine and were part of the decoration of the arches.

Pontedeume Stone Bridge

Tower of the Andrade family

Tower of 18 meters high and 11,50 of side, today Tourist Office and Interpretation Center of the Andrade, is the last rest of the Pazo of the Andrade, that completed the walled enclosure of the Villa by its west part, was possibly built by Fernán Pérez de Andrade “O Boo” at the end of the 14th century.

Andrade Tower Pontedeume