The Galician section of the Camino del Norte from Ribadeo starts off strong. You will start your pilgrimage in a small fishing village in the province of Lugo. Famous for having one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. The Cathedrals Beach is a real work of art, a natural wonder that surprises with the arches and domes that the sea and the wind have been carved into the rock over the centuries.

Price table of the North Way from Ribadeo

The Camino del Norte is full of contrasts. You will say goodbye to the coastal landscape to enter the interior of the province of Lugo, passing through important historical towns such as Lourenzá or Mondoñedo, former capital of the Kingdom of Galicia. As you advance, the horizon softens as you enter the region of A Terra Chá, crossing an endless succession of tiny villages in a completely rural environment specialised in cattle and dairy farming.

A path that invites you to get lost and find yourself again, enjoying the solitude in an incomparable natural setting.