Is it safe to do the Camino de Santiago alone?

We always tell you the same thing, doing the Camino de Santiago alone is one of the best ways to enjoy the experience one hundred percent. Living the experience alone is a challenge that will be worth it. Even if there are times when you feel lonely, you will end up being grateful for it.

They say that the Camino de Santiago is the best psychologist. It allows you to disconnect and spend time on what really matters. Think about all that worries you, clear your thoughts and ideas and start walking with the only concern of following the yellow arrows.

Besides, you will never be alone. And this is something you will understand once you get to the Camino. Throughout the stages you will meet many pilgrims with whom you will soon start conversations, share paths, accommodation, tables on terraces, experiences and endless experiences that you will remember with nostalgia when you return home.

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