How does the Camino de Santiago work in a group?

The operation of the Camino de Santiago in group is very simple. Imagine an incredible trip among friends, well, the same.


Approximately one month before the trip we will close the group and send you the documentation of your trip with all the detailed information (bus / names of the accommodations / welcome meeting / dossier with recommendations / insurance policy).


Once the whole group has arrived in Sarria, the guides will meet you in a welcome meeting to get to know each other, to inform you about the dynamics of the trip and to solve all your doubts. They will also provide you with credentials, stickers for the transport of luggage and will give you a T-shirt and a pilgrim’s scallop. This first day we do not walk, we can take the opportunity to have a drink, get to know each other better and make a small visit to the village.


During one week we will cover the 110 kilometers that separate Sarria from Santiago de Compostela. We will walk an average of 20 kilometers a day in 5 stages. Of course everyone at their own pace. We will also create a Whatsapp group in which the guide will be proposing stops to rest and wait for the others as well as places of interest that we can visit.

Once we arrive at the end of the stage our luggage will be waiting for us at the reception of our assigned hotel. After showering and resting for a while, the guide will suggest a place to have lunch and those who want to can join in and exchange experiences. Only if it is possible, we will organize some activity such as concerts or queimadas to liven up the afternoon with our companions on the Camino.


It is a trip of coexistence in which always end up creating very strong bonds between the members of the group. We love to see how once we arrive in Santiago, those people who a week ago were strangers, end up being in many cases friends for life.

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