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Information about Ferrol

Ferrol is a town in the northwest of Galicia, located north of the city of A Coruña. Nowadays, together with A Coruña, it is one of the two starting points of the English Jacobean route. In the past, pilgrims coming from the north and the British Isles disembarked on the coast of Ferrol and from there continued their journey on foot to Santiago de Compostela.

Historically Ferrol has always been a small coastal town, located in what is known today as the district of Ferrol Vello. In the XVIII century is when the urban nucleus was born and progressively transformed into what we know today. The interest of its creation is military, it is created as a naval base, take into account the strategic situation of its location.

Born in the century of the Enlightenment, the city of Ferrol preserves a great architectural heritage that is worth visiting. All of this is closely related to its close ties to the naval and military sectors.

What to see and do in Ferrol

Magdalena neighbourhood

This is the classic widening neighbourhood with an orthogonal layout. It was ordered to be built by Charles III in the 18th century for the creation of the naval base. Today it is considered a Historic-Artistic Site. In this district you can contemplate the classic architecture of buildings with glass facades and also buildings with modernist elements.

Neighbourhood Magdalena Ferrol

San Felipe Castle

The Castle of San Felipe was built together with the castles of La Palma and San Martiño, as a method of defence against possible naval attacks. The castle of San Martiño no longer exists today. Nowadays you can visit the incredible fortress of San Felipe for free.

Castle San Felipe Ferrol

The naval world of Ferrol

As we mentioned before, Ferrol is closely linked to the naval world. In this sense, it is interesting to visit its museums dedicated to the sector: the Naval Museum of Ferrol, the Navantia Shipyard and the Military Arsenal of Ferrol.

Naval World Ferrol

Ferrol Vello

It is the original enclave of Ferrol, of fishing origin. Here you can visit the Curuxeiras pier and the traditional stone pavements in Carmen Curuxeiras Street. Don’t leave without seeing the Wallace Fountain in the Reina Sofia Park.

The Meninas of Canido

This is an initiative of the local painter Eduardo Hermida, who to denounce the state of neglect in which the neighborhood was Canido, began to paint Meninas on the walls of the neighborhood. Today it has become a very interesting cultural phenomenon and you can also find sculptures and virtual reality exhibitions.

Meninas de Canido Ferrol


Herrera Gardens

Located opposite the Parador de Ferrol, from here you have privileged views of the docks of the shipyards.

Gardens of Herrera Ferrol

Mapa de Ferrol