Which is the easiest route of the Camino de Santiago?

The word “easy” or “difficult” is a subjective term depending on who you ask, what may seem very easy to some may not to others, and vice versa. On the Camino de Santiago will depend on several factors. The time of the year, your physical condition, the orography of the terrain, the total distance to be covered and the daily kilometers you do, if you carry your backpack or hire a luggage transport service, among many others.

If you are a beginner and it is your first time on the Camino de Santiago, there are two routes that are perfect for you and we assure you that you will get it 100% right.


Last 100 kilometres of the French Way from Sarria:

It is the most popular and well known route, perfect to do the Camino de Santiago for the first time if you have little time. This fame is due to the quality of its services, the wide range of accommodation and restaurants and, above all, its great beauty.

The difficulty of the stages is not excessively hard. For a week you will walk about 20 kilometers a day on dirt roads and paved rural trails, without big slopes. A very comfortable route ideal for any age, which is why many families are encouraged to do it with children and seniors.

Last 100 kilometres of the Portuguese Way from Tui

Another very good option for beginners can be found in the south of Galicia, in Tui. From here we can do the Camino de Santiago in about a week. As in the French Way, the stages are short and without unevenness, with many stretches by road. During your trip you will have no problem finding places to rest and refresh yourself, and you will find a wide range of accommodation and services (laundries, supermarkets, taxis, etc.).

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