What footwear do I need to do the Camino de Santiago?

Footwear for the Camino de Santiago in summer: The trekking shoes are the most advisable option, since they have all the characteristics that we can ask to a footwear to do the Camino de Santiago. They are lightweight, have a firm sole and are more cushioned and flexible than hiking boots, something your feet will be grateful for.


Footwear for the Camino de Santiago in winter: Without doubt the best option are hiking boots that, in addition to providing greater support to the ankle, have sturdy soles perfect for steep or slippery terrain. It is very important that you choose waterproof ones.


Don’t forget to add to your suitcase a pair of shoes to rest your feet. We recommend bringing a pair of trainers or sandals and flip-flops for the showers in the hostels.

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