How can I do the Camino de Santiago?

You can do the Camino de Santiago in the following ways:


On foot: This is the most traditional way to walk the Camino de Santiago. You can do it in a group or alone. Most pilgrims decide to do it on foot, either for comfort, to feel the essence of the pilgrimage or because they are unaware of other ways of doing it.


By bicycle: On the Camino de Santiago there are stages specially designed for cyclists. In addition, most of the routes are very well signposted with some sections running along the road.


On horseback: If you have a horse and you want to do the Camino de Santiago, it is possible. But it is important to keep in mind that it requires a lot of preparations in terms of veterinarians, accommodation, food for the animal, authorizations, etc. You can also do the Camino de Santiago on horseback by hiring a specialized agency.


By boat: This is undoubtedly the most original way to do the Camino de Santiago. You can do it in your own boat or hire the trip in a specialized agency.

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