Can I do the Camino de Santiago with a baby?

For many it may seem crazy to do the Camino de Santiago with a baby. But the truth is that more and more mothers and fathers are deciding to do the Jacobean route with their newborn.

If you are planning to do the Camino with your baby you will need to spend some time preparing for the journey. Some important aspects are:

  • Find a route of a few days with short stages
  • Schedule your trip at a time of year with mild temperatures.
  • Have a good baby carrier or an all-terrain trolley.
  • Hire luggage transport
  • Select accommodations with crib
  • Support vehicle or taxi

But undoubtedly, to avoid unforeseen events and travel with total peace of mind, the best thing to do is to hire the services of a travel agency. Contact us and trust in professionals who will put at your disposal all your logistics to have a wonderful experience with your family.

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