Where do the last 100 kilometres of the Camino de Santiago begin?

In case you don’t have the necessary time or you can’t do a complete route of the Camino de Santiago, you always have the option of joining at any point of the Camino.

The most common is to do the so-called “last 100 kilometers”. This way you can do any of the routes and reach Santiago de Compostela in about a week.

These are the last 100 most popular kilometers of the Camino de Santiago.

  • French Way from Sarria (110 km)
  • Portuguese Way from Tui (120 km)
  • Primitive Way from Lugo (102 km)
  • North Road from Villalba (120 km)
  • English Way from Ferrol (122 km)
  • Vía de la Plata from Ourense (110 km)


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