Where and how can I get the Compostela?

To get your Compostela, once you arrive in Santiago, you will need to go with your Credential to the Pilgrim’s Welcome Office located at Calle Carretas, nº 33.

To get the Compostela you must meet three requirements.

  • Doing the Camino de Santiago for religious or spiritual reasons, or at least with an attitude of search.
  • Do the last 100 km of one of the routes on foot or on horseback , or the last 200 km by bicycle to Santiago.
  • Stamps should be collected from the places you pass through on the Pilgrim’s Credential. Stamps of churches, hostels, monasteries, cathedrals and places related to the Camino are preferred, but stamps of accommodation, shops, town halls, bars, etc. are also valid. It should be sealed at least twice a day.
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