What is the most beautiful route of the Camino de Santiago?

We know that it is difficult to choose a route to do the Camino de Santiago. We are all looking for the most beautiful way to enjoy nature and discover magical places that will remain in our memories forever.

But the truth is that all the routes of the Camino de Santiago have a special charm and the landscape varies greatly from one province or community to another. Some are ideal for lovers of high mountains, in others you will find green valleys, lush forests, fields, small villages, magical towns and countless monuments. There are also coastal routes for lovers of the sea, with steep cliffs and paradisiacal beaches.

Our recommendation is that you don’t get obsessed with finding the most beautiful route. And whatever Camino you do, we are sure you will love it. But if you want detailed information about the landscapes that you will find in each itinerary of the Camino de Santiago we have an article that will surely interest you.

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