What is it and how do the Canine Credential and Compostela work?

The Canine Credential is a document created and issued by the Asociación Protectora de Animales del Camino de Santiago (APACA). It is a passport for pets that has the same function as the Pilgrim’s Credential. Lyon of that trip.

A nice initiative that rewards the effort of our furry. You will have to stamp it in all the places you pass through: hostels, restaurants, churches, shops, etc. until you get to Santiago de Compostela.

Once you have finished your Camino de Santiago, you should contact the APACA Association so that they can issue you the Compostela Canina, the document that certifies the completion of your Camino de Santiago.

In the documentation that we send you when you make your reservation you will find all this information perfectly detailed.

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