Sigüeiro English Way

Information about Sigüeiro

Sigüeiro is the capital of the municipality of Oroso, in the province of A Coruña. It belongs to the region of Ordes and is bordered on the south by Santiago de Compostela.

It is an area rich in water, the river Tambre and the river Lengüelle are its main riverbeds which are joined by numerous streams such as the Cabeceiro, Samo or Maruzo that irrigate the crops that occur in the area.

At present all the villages in the region are dedicated to agricultural, livestock and forestry activities, although tourism is gaining more and more strength thanks to the English Way.


What to see and do in Sigüeiro

Medieval Bridge of Sigüeiro

Built in the 14th century by order of Fernán Pérez de Andrade, it was restored in the 20th century and saves the River Tambre. This great bridge (it has six spans) was the scene of a confrontation sword in hand between two medieval knights, Álvaro Pérez de Moscoso and his people against Gómez Pérez das Mariñas and his people, for a woman.

Sigüeiro Medieval Bridge


The mámoas are heaps of earth, or earth and stones, almost always semi-spherical, which mark or house one or more burials. In the municipality of Sigüeiro we can find the mámoas of Vilar de Arriba, Coto do Lobo, Recouso or Gradamil.

Recreational area Illa do Refuxio

One kilometre from Sigüeiro, the course of the river Tambre forks into two branches, leaving an island in the middle, which can be reached by bridges. In this beautiful place we find a recreational area with abundant trees next to tables, benches and barbecues where we can have picnics.

Recreational area O Refuxio Sigueiro

Mapa de Sigüeiro