Barco de Valdeorras Winter Way

Information about Barco de Valdeorras

Barco de Valdeorras is located at the bottom of the precious Sil valley, under the Sierra del Eje. Its location already gives you an idea of the beauty of its landscape, as this town, full of nature, is not lacking in attributes. The town is also home to various historical remains of great interest, traces of the past inhabitants of the area, and is loved all over the world for its star product: the wine with Designation of Origin Valdeorras. A location to enjoy the best gastronomy of Galicia, to visit dream landscapes.

What to see and do in Barco de Valdeorras

The Malecón Park

The Malecón promenade runs along the river bank and is less than 1 km long, yet it is one of the most used areas by the inhabitants of this town and an exceptional outdoor recreation area. It has all the necessary services for comfort and leisure time, with playgrounds, green areas and nearby bars where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

Malecon Barco Valdeorras Park

The Old Town

The Old Town is very representative of the history of Barco de Valdeorras, a town that arose as an administrative site for the boats that crossed the Sil. On the Playa Mayor you can still see the vestiges of this history, the remains of the old port that presided over the place in its beginnings. Its streets promise charming walks, full of historical value and traditional beauty. The Royal Street, with numerous manor houses and the passage of the railway line, is worth mentioning. An idyllic setting that dazzles travellers.

Old Town Barco Valdeorras

The Valdeorras Designation of Origin Wine Route

This area is dominated by vineyards that give fruit to the most prestigious drinks in Galicia, such as Godello and Mecía wine. In this location it is impossible to overlook the importance of the Valdeorras Denomination of Origin, a consequence of the beautiful vineyards located on the slopes and hillsides in the valley. You can make a beautiful Route of the Vineyards starting in A Portela and advancing up to 12 kilometres. The scenery is breathtaking and at some points you can also enjoy delicious tastings in the cellars. A perfect plan.

The church of Santa Rita

This interesting religious building was built in 1964 by Priero and Nieto. It opened its doors in 1980 to pay devotion to the patron saint Santa Rita, since this town has many devotees since they began to celebrate the Santa Rita festivities in 1935. In this church you can contemplate great works of art made of slate, something very typical of the area, and you can immerse yourself a little more in the popular and spiritual culture of the place.

The Big House

The Casa Grande is located in Viloira, a few meters from Barco de Valdeorras, so it is an interesting visit when passing through this beautiful village. It is a large building surrounded by a large garden, has two floors and is made of stone, all this during the seventeenth century. It is located in the Otero Pedrayo square, a pedestrian space that gives it the solemnity it needs to shine. It is a very interesting visit on an architectural level and offers a vision of enormous beauty reminiscent of other times.

The Monastery of Xaogaza

This monastery is set in the context of a very well-kept natural environment, a delightful landscape that is worth seeing in itself. This place can be reached in a matter of minutes from Barco de Valdeorras if you have a vehicle, or in a pleasant half-hour walk. The church that presides over the complex is in Romanesque style and belongs to a specific period between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, is particularly well preserved so it is a real visual and historical marvel. In addition, it is surrounded by an exceptional natural heritage made up of native trees such as oak, chestnut and pine.

Xaogaza Monastery Barco Valdeorras

The Pincheira of Fervenza

This is one of the most scenic points of interest in Barco de Valdeorras and offers idyllic views. The Pincheira de Fervenza is an imposing waterfall of 25 meters high, the water falls through it to a natural pond and continues its way. It is a place from which you can also contemplate the Sil Valley in its splendor and has wooden tables and chairs to spend a full day in the company of nature, with the possibility of eating or snacking on site.

Pincheira Fervenza Barco Valdeorras

Mapa de Barco de Valdeorras