Why do the Way of St. James?

The original motive of The Way of St. James was to visit the tomb of the apostle St. James. However, unless you are religious, this reason no longer has the same validity as in the past. For this reason, we want to give you ideas on why to do the Way of St. James.

Why is it important to do the Camino de Santiago?


First of all, we want to talk to you about the benefits of doing the Camino that are one more reason to start the journey. Believe us when we tell you that there are many more benefits than we will name in this short list.

Getting in shape: doing this route implies abandoning the sedentary life of the inhabitant of the city, to embrace the harshness of the mountaineer’s life. And the main beneficiary of all this will be both your health and your physical appearance.

Walking is an excellent exercise for the heart and, unlike athletics or jogging, does not just involve damage to the knees. For this reason, besides having a good time you will get in shape and lose weight. You will lose weight because it is a cardio exercise that burns a lot of fat.

Secondly, it will improve your self-esteem, as if you complete the course you will have passed a tough test. This is very necessary for those people who are in a low mood and want to get out of the hole they are in. Besides, that way you get out of the house and don’t get so depressed.

Thirdly, improve your capacity for effort and improvement. Completing the more than 700 kilometres of the French Way is something not everyone does, so if you do you can be proud of it. The course is tough, so you’ll have to face the temptation to give up several times.

But, there are not only benefits but there are also other reasons to complete the tour.

Reasons to do the Way of St. James


There are many reasons, we could spend hours and hours writing, however, we want to tell you the 10 most important reasons for doing the Camino and we are sure you will not be disappointed. There’s no better reason, the order is random.

You will know new places and landscapes: or what is the same you will travel, so you will have all the advantages of a trip, only that instead of going by car, you will walk.

You will meet new people and people from different cultures: this itinerary is very famous so there are very diverse people from different countries. This implies that you will become a more open and respectful person with foreign people. This is a tip and also, if you get invited to their home in their country will save you a good money.

You will win the Compostela: which will serve you not only to show off, but to remind you every morning that you overcame a great challenge without anyone’s help. This will undoubtedly improve your self-esteem.

You will live a youthful experience: sleeping in hostels is something that is not usually done after a certain age; the Way will allow you to recover your youthful spirit and that feeling that you can do everything in life.

You will know yourself better: since walking long distances one has time for reflection and to know oneself better. This can save you problems as common today as depression and anxiety.

You will be able to tell your adventure: which is a good topic of conversation and will be something you will remember all your life. But don’t overdo it, people will end up tired of hearing your little battles on the Way.

You will be more enterprising: since knowing how to face challenges is characteristic of enterprising people. You’ll be that kind of person who can turn a no into a yes.

You will visit Galicia and get to know the North of Spain better: which is a good reason because you have to know the country in which you live in order to better understand what is going on there.

You will be able to enjoy the gastronomy of the North of Spain, which is usually recognized as the best in the country. You will learn to cook new dishes after this experience.

You will leave your comfort zone, which will make you not only do the Camino but also dare to take on other challenges. In short, you’ll be a more adventurous person.

The main reasons

Point out that the most common reasons why people do the Path are:

★ Search for new experiences, this way you can escape from monotony.

★ Get to know the culture of Northern Spain.

★ Doing tourism

We hope that we have answered your question as to why the Way of St. James should be done. Now go to the blog and leave us in comments what has been your motive.