Tárrega is a city that is located between Barcelona and Zaragoza, on the Ondara River, right in the middle of a quite old Camino Real. Are you thinking of spending a weekend in the city? We show you the best thing to do and see in Tarrega on a weekend.

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Street theatre fair in Tárrega

One of the most interesting things to see and do in Tárrega is to visit the street theatre fair, for which this city is well known. Today it is one of the most important European markets for performing arts.
The tradition of this fair comes from 1980 when the company Comediants organized a show that was a great success. The Street Theatre Fair is a free and open-door show for all kinds of creative activities. Just one thing to keep in mind is that to visit this great spectacle you have to go to the city at the beginning of September, date in which it is celebrated.

Trekking in Tárrega

From Tárrega there are two very interesting hiking routes. One of them goes to l’Ondara and the other leads to Verdú and Corb. The two routes offer very beautiful images of nature and are of wide range, so, if you dare, go prepared.
In Verdú and Corb you will find the Corb valley, which extends all around the river of the same name. This one is born in Rauric and has as a tributary the Segre. It is perfect for hiking trails and other outdoor activities. If you want to see some history, this place has a great heritage. Here is the monastery of Vallbona de les Monges and the Castle of Verdú. It all depends on how much you want to walk.
Tarrega que ver y hacer

Try the most popular candy of Tárrega

One of the most delicious things to see and do in Tárrega is to try what has recently, curiously, been the most popular sweetin the area. It’s called the Albada and it’s an explosion of flavors that will enchant the most gourmets.

Parish of Santa María del Alba

We go directly to the architecture and in this field, one of the most interesting things to see is the Parish of Santa Maria del Alba. This was built in 1672 and is a baroque style church with a single nave that has several side chapels intercommunicated. Inside, there are paintings by Minguell, the image of Saint Maria del Alba and relics of the saints Espines.

Que ver y hacer en Tarrega

Urgell Regional Museum of Tárrega

This museum is located in an old house from the 17th century that belongs to the Perelló family. This museum permanently houses four exhibitions, one by the artist Antoni Alsina Amills, Iberian remains, noble rooms from the 17th century and a tribute to the Jewish community that lived in the city. I mean, you’ll always have something to do with this museum, no matter what time of year you go. You can find more information on their website.

Sant Eloi Park

This park was created at the beginning of the 20th century when a group of people, local citizens, joined together to form the Friends of the Tree Association. His objective was to plant trees in the Sant Eloi mountain range to create a park where he could spend quality time. Inside there is a hermitage that was created in the 13th century. At the moment it has almost 20 hectares among which we can walk finding several types of trees: almond trees, pines, olive trees and holm oaks.
After strolling through its streets and getting to know the typical architecture and style of the area, in Tárrega you feel like walking and getting lost in one of its routes. Getting close to the area’s rivers is also a good idea, as well as finding out about all the outdoor activities there are and signing up for those that interest you.