The village of Sangüesa is located in the middle of the Aragon Region, on the banks of the Aragon River, 44 kilometres from Pamplona. From this place we must highlight its medieval historical-artistic heritage, which you can not miss during your Way to Santiago.

In the Middle Ages, Sangüesa lived a period of popularity and splendour, due in large part to the fact that it was an important place for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. The wonderful streets of this city will take you back in time, you can visit many medieval religious and civil buildings and appreciate the beautiful architecture and magnificence of palaces, churches, sanctuaries, monasteries and more.

Quieres hacer el camino de santiago y no sabes por donde empezar

In this article we bring you a compilation of the main things you can do, where you can eat, where you can sleep and how to get to Sangüesa in order to make your plans and journey easier. Keep reading this article and continue enjoying the best adventure of your life as you travel this magical road.

What to see and do in Sangüesa?

Many claim that walking around Sangüesa is like travelling back in time. One of the main reasons is its medieval centre, which has not changed over the centuries. When you visit this mythical place you should take some time to wander and appreciate its beautiful buildings and landscapes, and stop from time to time at one of its many charming bars and restaurants.

You can also visit a number of churches and mansions, as well as a medieval hospital and a royal palace. One of the most recommended visits is the church of Santa María Real, which was built in the 13th century in a Romanesque style and contains many excellent examples of works belonging to this same genre of art. Admire its beautiful arched door full of figures from the Bible and also mythological.

Another impressive Romanesque church is the church of Santiago, but if you prefer the Gothic style you can also appreciate the church of San Francisco.

For its part, the town hall is located in a thirteenth-century palace, the Palacio de Viana, in this spectacular enclosure lived the kings of Navarre. It has a Gothic façade and a Baroque one. You should also take the time to visit the Palacio Vallesantoro, which can be described as an impressive mansion with a splendid carved door.

In Sangüesa you will not only enjoy art and history in the streets, but you will also be able to enjoy beautiful works of nature. For example, just to the north there is a wonderful gorge, the Hoz de Arbayun, where colonies of vultures live. In addition, we assure you that it is worth exploring the surroundings of this historic place, as a few kilometers away you will find monuments such as the Castle of Javier and the Monastery of San Salvador de Leire, along with breathtaking landscapes such as the gorges of Lumbier and Arbayún, and the valleys of Roncal and Salazar.

Where to eat in Sangüesa?

In Sangüesa you will be able to taste a great variety of different local products and quality recipes. Among the most popular dishes of the region we must mention the menestras and pochas, which are served with vegetables or game meats. Some of the most popular restaurants and best valued by visitors are:

Beti Jai Restaurant

A place famous for its autochthonous cuisine where seasonal products have a special place. It offers an a la carte service and also many different menus for every day, weekends and special occasions.

Hotel Yamaguchi

This hotel has a restaurant that has become one of the most popular dining options in Sangüesa. Its cuisine is based on meat, fish and vegetables from the fertile orchard of Navarre. It has spacious dining rooms where it is possible to organise banquets for weddings, communions and other special occasions.

Mediavilla Restaurant

It offers various menus based on a well-developed homemade cuisine, which specialises in the purest tradition of Navarre.

Bar Leire

It is catalogued by its visitors as an excellent place to have a few beers or a drink with tapas and enjoy a great dinner.

Bar Restaurante Labrit

Here you will be able to drink a wine and enjoy spectacular dishes with first class attention. Many of its visitors praise its fried foods, commenting that besides being tasty, they are also very affordable.

Where can I sleep in Sangüesa?

You will be surprised by the amount of excellent resting places you will find in Sangüesa. Among the highest quality services we find:

Hotel Yamaguchi

This place offers you a modern, comfortable and pleasant space with WIFI service and private bathroom. Also, you will be able to enjoy delicious typical dishes in its restaurant.

Hotel Peiron

This medieval boutique hotel features elegant rooms, period décor and includes a delicious breakfast.

Hotel Nobles de Navarra

Enjoy an excellent room within this medieval style stone construction. This place includes restaurant and bar.

Hotel Vinacua

This hotel is qualified as simple and refined. In general, staying in Sangüesa is simple, since there are many hostels for pilgrims, where you will be attended kindly.

How to get to Sangüesa?

To get here from Pamplona, take the AP-15 in the direction of Imarcoain until exit 82, which goes to Noain, Sangüesa and Huesca and connects you with the A-21. Then continue along the dual carriageway until you take the exit and then the NA-127 towards Sangüesa. You can take a taxi, bus or go in your own car.

If you go as a pilgrim along the Aragonese road you can reach this beautiful village from Artieda and then travel in the direction of Monreal.